Sure, we've all heard of spring cleaning. But there is something to be said for a winter spruce-up in your apartment to keep things fresh during the months that we're cooped up without being able to open a window for fresh air. Here are a few places you may want to clean to help keep your apartment shiny and clean even when the sun sets at 4 PM:

Out-of-Reach areas: Don't neglect the top of the fridge or vents. When we've got everything closed off in the wintertime, dust and grime seem to build up faster than ever. Take the time to dust vents in your bathroom and the tops of appliances that no one sees (but that still accumulate dirt, nonetheless).

Mattress: Haven't been getting the best night sleep? Try flipping your mattress. Wash all of your linens and take a vacuum to the mattress to help get rid of the dust/food particles that accumulate.

Light fixtures: Similar to the out-of-reach areas mentioned above, the tops of light fixtures are one of the first places to collect dust (and, let's be honest, sometimes dead bugs). Clean them out! The same thing goes for those of you with ceiling fans. 

Baseboards and heaters: Older buildings often feature baseboard heat, and they can very quickly become caked with dust. While the heat is off, vacuum the baseboards to help remove some of that dust that often smells when you first turn on your heat.