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Greenwin has decades of experience of making change with the potential to be replicated in other communities. The aim of Greenwin Cares is to plant the seeds for lasting benefits by introducing innovative ideas that facilitate participation and inclusion.

"By increasing social awareness on-site, management becomes more successful. When residents are happy, they begin to look at their community as a home. They protect it and take ownership. Our model is not a Band-Aid solution. Satisfied renters reduce operating costs."
Kevin Green, President, Greenwin Inc.

Our Objectives

  • To understand and isolate problems of suburban development, socioeconomic deprivation and cultural dislocation.
  • To open lines of communication in order to determine and address issues that will empower our residents and surrounding communities, resulting in increased resident satisfaction

Diverse Social Programs For All Ages Create Vibrant, Thriving Communities & Promising Opportunities For Our Future Leaders


To enrich the quality of life in communities at risk through revitalized housing initiatives and social programming.


To spearhead change within at-risk communities through interactive community involvement with the private-sector (landlord and property managers), residents, surrounding neighbourhoods and government.


We are committed to providing services based on trust, integrity, respect, accountability and open communication.

How We Do It

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

  • Natural Surveillance: The placement of physical features and/or activities, and people that maximizes natural visibility or observation
  • Natural Access Control: Deters access to a target and creates a perception of risk to the offender
  • Territorial Reinforcement: Defines clear borders of controlled space from public to semi-private to private, so that users of an area develop a sense of proprietorship over it
  • Maintenance: Allows for the continued use of a space for its intended purpose.

Crime Prevention Through Social Programming (CPTSP)

  • We have implemented many programs and revitalization associations with the intention of giving residents, ranging from children to seniors, access to educational, mentoring and recreational programs in a safe environment - ultimately helping to break the cycle of crime.
"We believe that physical improvements to a property, as well as the implementation of social programs that respond to the changing needs of the community, will help to reduce crime, social disorder, poverty and the associated costs - while building sustainable, healthier communities."
Eric Green, Executive Vice President, Community Development & Revitalization

Our Community Partners

  • Toronto Police Services
  • Ward 7 Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti
  • Spider Jones
  • The City of Toronto
  • The Believe to Achieve Youth Outreach
  • Foundation
  • Cineplex
  • Intelligarde
  • Department of Justice
  • Trillium Foundation
  • Mike Harris
  • TDSB Trustee Stephnie Payne
  • TD Bank
  • FoodShare
  • Earth Day Canada
  • Sobey's
  • Black Creek Conservation Project
  • Citizen and Immigration Canada
  • Literature for Life
  • Human Resources and Social Development
  • Canada
  • National Strategy on Community Safety & Crime
  • Prevention
"Together, we are working to create environments where cultural roots are celebrated; where people work cooperatively to reduce crime rates and operating costs and improve the quality of life for everyone."
Kristina Boyce, CEO, Greenwin Inc.

Ongoing Social Programs

Site-Specific Initiatives

  • Fully operation Cineplex screening room (25 San Romanoway)
  • TD Hoops for a brighter future (160/170/180/200 Chalkfarm Dr.)
  • Jordan Manners Multi-Purpose Art Gallery (25 San Romanoway)
  • Spider Jones Youth Empowerment Initiative (160/170/180/200 Chalkfarm Dr.)
  • Playground Build with Home Depot (25 San Romanoway)
  • Seniors' Shuttle Bus (14005 Sherbrooke)

The Harold Green Scholarship

The Harold Green Scholarship Program demonstrates Greenwin's commitment to strengthening our communities through lifelong learning. The program recognizes the achievements of the children of our employees and provides opportunities for them to achieve their dreams and career goals in whatever area they choose.

For more information, please email

Spider's Web Youth Drop-In Centre

Greenwin's pilot youth empowerment project, with partners Doorsteps Neighbourhood Services, Literature for Life, Believe to Achieve Ogranization and The Oaks Revitalization Association, is fully up and running in the Black Creek Community (Jane/Finch/Chalkfarm/Falstaff).

The Centre operates year-round from 3:30PM to 7PM. Summer hours are from 9AM to 5PM with a drop-in component twice per week for community residents. The Centre has a 1500 sq.ft boxing/fitness gym with a community kitchen and a literacy room with 11 computers and a reading space.

Program Objectives:

  • Empower children and youth to be active and healthy through the sport of boxing
  • Continue positive growth of the oaks and surrounding community
  • Improve leadership skills
  • Opportunity to master new activities
  • Learn sportsmanship and other qualities that come with learning sports
  • Provide opportunity to build friend and foster social skills
"Having the boxing program open to the community shows that Chalkfarm is changing for the better. I have lived in this community for 20 years and remember when Chalkfarm used to be a terrible place where you would be afraid to go into your building. This program is an opportunity for kids to get focused. It will give them a sense of purpose. It teaches them self discipline and how to do better in school. It's great because it's not just about boxing it's about teaching. For many, this is the first step toward a life-changing experience."
Godwin Larbi, Resident of The Oaks & Volunteer

The Corsage Project Scholarship

2014 marked the inaugural year of Greenwin's Annual Corsage Project Scholarship. The Corsage Project, working in partnership with the Children's Aid Foundation, is a non-profit program in Toronto dedicated to giving the authentic prom experience to young women and men who would not otherwise have the opportunity to celebrate with their peers due to the high cost of formal wear. Through its scholarship program, the Corsage Project also helps local high school graduates achieve their post-secondary goals.

SickKids' Heatwave & Icewave

Each summer and winter, Greenwin joins SickKids for the Heatwave/Icewave Bi-Annual Beach Volleyball Tournament. For the past 20 years SickKids has dedicated these events to sick children. We are so proud of our team, which through regular fundraising, continues to give a remarkable gift to our future generations.