Over the years, as Greenwin has grown from a humble construction company into one of Canada’s leading landlords, managers and developers, so too has our commitment to the communities we serve. It's more than an activity here and there. It’s about planting the seeds for lasting community benefits by introducing innovative ideas that facilitate participation and inclusion. 

In 1999, we launched Greenwin Cares to give back to the people and families who have kept our properties thriving and to ensure that no one is left behind. Our team committed itself to helping break the cycle of poverty through ongoing mentorship initiatives,  sports programming, media and literacy training, and other organized activities.

Our objectives are to understand and isolate problems of suburban development, socioeconomic deprivation and cultural dislocation, and to open lines of communication. We do this in order to determine and address issues that will empower our residents and surrounding neighbourhoods and achieve increased resident satisfaction. 

With a focus on nurturing the positive qualities of our communities, we collaborate with other landlords and stakeholders, determine and address specific issues and work to empower our residents through the implementation of revitalization initiatives and social programs for all ages at our properties. The result is vibrant environments and promising opportunities for our country’s future leaders.

To enrich the quality of life in communities at risk through revitalized housing initiatives and social programming.
To provide a safe environment with social enrichment programs that reflect the needs of the neighbourhood.
To provide services based on trust, integrity, respect, accountability and open communication.

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What People Are Saying

I began working with Greenwin Cares this summer, where they support Believe to Achieve, a youth centre, out of one of their buildings. Everyone was supportive, helpful and moved mountains to ensure that local kids had a supportive environment to thrive. We love partnering with Greenwin Cares and hope to work together in the future.

Susan W.

For many years, Greenwin Cares has provided exemplary support to at risk communities, both nationally and internationally. Their continued support of agencies such as the San Romanoway Revitalization Association is invaluable to the community.

Stephanie P.
The San Romanoway Revitalization Organization