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Creating value For Your Multi-Family Rental Housing Investment

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Residential Management

No one knows property management like we do. With nearly seven decades of experience, Greenwin understands the rental market and what's important to our residents, and we know multi-family buildings inside and out. That experience allows us to bring exceptional value to your investments with us.

We're not just property managers – we're asset managers too. We strive to maximize our clients' return through asset appreciation, capital reinvestment and value enhancement. Depending on the circumstances affecting the market and your real estate, our management team will develop the most effective way to reach and exceed predetermined benchmarks.

We deliver unparalleled expertise tailored to the specific portfolio objectives, resident requirements and budget of our clients' investments. In addition to the services mentioned below, we offer a complete range of services, including preventative maintenance, volume purchasing, accounting and reporting, paralegal services and collections-all supported by the latest in technology.

Our Services Include:

  • Asset and Property Management
  • Acquisitions
  • Strategic
  • Residential & Commercial Leasing
  • Project Management
  • Social Programming
  • Protection & Maintenance
  • Financial & Administrative Services
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Retail Leasing

From buying and selling to marketing and leasing, we do it all. To request a proposal, click here.

Why Choose Greenwin?

We have decades of experience managing lease inquiries, screening tenants and setting up preventative maintenance programs that protect your assets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. By negotiating contracts and insurance, overseeing trades, using the most up-to-date technology and leveraging our national purchasing power, our job is to ensure your property operates efficiently, safely and on-budget. Find out how we can maximize your real estate investment by contacting us

Greenwin's Marketing Machine

Marketing makes the property. Our team of communications and branding professionals has extensive experience in all areas of marketing, including digital, internet, affiliate, multi-level and global. From branding your property as an integral part of our portfolio to public relations and social media, we attract target audiences and prospective tenants using a tailored, researched approach. Vacancies are filled by dedicated leasing professionals and our team showcases your property in the most desirable light, using traditional approaches like signage and print media. In order to drastically reduce your annual marketing spend, we implement creative online campaigns that directly target leads and convert them to tenants.

Our Financial Edge

Our team of finance and administration veterans are versed in efficient rent collections, tracking cashflow, government reporting, budget preparations, expense controls and creative solutions for increasing revenues.

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Strategic Planning

Due diligence and market research are our strong suits. Our success is maximizing the value of your assets, which is why project management, engineering, contract tendering, tenant coordination and capital improvement plans are handled by an in-house team of real estate professionals. When it comes to creating value and improving your property, we leave no stone unturned. As a family owned and operated organization, we treat your investment as though it is our own.