Put waste in the right place

Waste Management

We are on a mission to build a greener and more sustainable future by reducing waste ending up in our landfills and bodies of water across the planet. We want to inspire everyone to do their part. A crucial step is learning more about sorting and reducing our waste. It not only conserves valuable resources and reduces the strain on our planet, but also minimizes pollution, conserves energy, and helps combat climate change.

By taking simple yet effective actions to manage our waste, we can play a significant role in protecting our environment and leave a cleaner, healthier world for generations to come.

Put Waste in the Right Place

We need your help to ensure that the bins do not get cross-contaminated! Sorting your waste into the correct bins helps reduce the amount of material going into landfill and benefits the environment. At your Greenwin building, you will have access to landfill bins, recycling bins, and at some properties, organic bins.


Waste that is not reusable in any form and collects in landfills to decompose.


Waste produced from materials that can be repurposed at recycling facilities.


Waste that can be re-used to produce nutrient-rich compost.

To ensure that you are sorting your waste correctly, refer to the Waste Sorting Guide below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I put down my building’s garbage chute?

If your building has a garbage chute, be sure to refer to the signage around it for directions on proper use. In all cases, make sure that items are securely tied in a small bag prior to being disposed of. Loose garbage and large items should not be thrown down the chutes at any time.

Does my building recycle?

Yes! All Greenwin buildings have a recycling program. When disposing of waste, please remember to separate materials carefully, as it is important to minimize contamination. If garbage is mixed with recycling, the contaminated loads cannot be recycled. In addition, cardboard boxes should be broken down prior to placing them in the bin to preserve space. For details on what goes where, see above.

Does my building compost?

Many of our buildings currently feature a compost stream, and we are actively in the process of extending this option to all buildings equipped with the necessary infrastructure. To determine if your building already has an organics stream in place, ask your site team.

What should I do with furniture or oversized items?

Large items, including appliances, mattresses, furniture, tires, TVs, large metal items, and anything else that does not reasonably fit into a waste bin, must be taken directly to a public waste drop-off center or be picked up by a garbage removal service arranged by the resident. To keep our buildings safe and sanitary, items are not to be left on the floor anywhere in the building or outside of the bins in the garbage areas.

To help with your junk removal needs, Greenwin has partnered with 1-800-Got-Junk? to offer residents a #SuiteDeal on junk removal services. To claim your deal, click here.

Where should I dispose of my old electronics?

Be sure to check with your site team to see if we offer e-waste collection on site. Otherwise, electronic waste should be taken to your buildings designated location for oversized items or a designated e-waste collection location. This ensures proper recycling and prevents environmental harm that could be caused by improper disposal.

How do I report improper waste disposal?

If you notice improper use of the waste management systems available at your building, report these instances to your site team. They can further support in educating other residents on proper waste management as well as take the necessary steps to ensure the issue does reoccur.

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