Commercial Properties


We know that every property is different. That's why we built a commercial real estate team that is uniquely qualified to ensure that each and every one of our stakeholders' property needs are answered. 

Greenwin provides comprehensive services that can only be offered by a large, well-established and fully integrated corporation. Our expansive network, relationships with communities across Ontario and Quebec, and unparalleled experience do the work for you. As such, owner benefits are substantial. We strive to garner the maximum returns on your investment, spear-headed through responsible and conservative building management, and backed by decades of experience. 

Under the care of our dedicated in-house staff, our commercial tenants enjoy a rich bounty of benefits, including 24-hour emergency service, fully funded building staff, unsurpassed repair response time, no-wait account inquiry and the peace of mind that their property – no matter how large or small – is being professionally managed by an experienced, reputable corporation of over 500 strong.