On April 20th and 21st, close to 2000 vaccines were administered to residents of 5, 10 and 25 San Romanoway through a door-to-door mobile clinic, and an onsite pop-up clinic open to those who live or work in the area over the age of 18.

This collaboration - with Humber River Hospital (HRH), Black Creek Community Health Centre (BCCHC), the San Romanoway Revitalization Association (SRRA), and Greenwin, RPMS and Dove Square Property Management (the landlords of the three buildings where the door-to-door vaccination clinic was hosted) - brought relief where it's needed most - the M3N postal code, a government-identified hot spot postal code.

This week was a true testament to the fact that strong communication and partnerships - among the community and private sector - can have a powerful impact.

Leading up to the clinic, our team led a community outreach, which included going door to door, calling each unit, handing out flyers, putting up posters, and having an information/registration desk in the lobby.

Not everyone can make it to a vaccination clinic. Not to mention, many people will stand in line for hours, missing work and other engagements, only to be told that there's no supply. With this model, all who registered were vaccinated in the comfort of their own home rather than having to wait – with uncertainty – in a line.

By vaccinating people in their doorways, we hope that we alleviated some of the anxiety around the roll-out. I personally watched HRH nurses, BCCHC volunteers and community ambassadors address some very hesitant individuals. They gave each person the time and attention required to educate and bring stress levels down. It was remarkable. Even with that personal level of care, they got through three high-rise buildings in two days.

As a landlord, we have a duty to provide safe, comfortable homes for our residents. This private clinic brought new meaning to that mandate. We believe this initiative was successful in achieving what it set out to do, which was reduce barriers to access, allay concerns and provide a sense of hope.

Our Greenwin team is looking forward to collaborating with HRH and BCCHC again in the coming weeks (if more vaccine supply comes available) to help expand their reach in some of the high-priority neighbourhoods where we operate.