Once again this summer, Greenwin was very proud to present our Believe to Achieve Summer Camp at our 160 Chalkfarm Drive properties. Located at Jane & Finch, this property has become a model for revitalization in the community thanks to the hard work of our volunteers and dedicated partners.

At Greenwin, we believe that lasting change is possible - and that starts with empowering communities at risk. Through programs like the Believe to Achieve Summer Camp and Spider's Web (a youth empowerment centre run by boxing legend Spider Jones), we are able to help revitalize these properties through education and community involvement. 

Greenwin has also developed the Outreach and Revitalization Association (ORA) that works in close partnership with landlords and community leaders to spearhead change through interactive involvement with property managers, residents and governments.

At the Believe to Achieve Summer Camp, youth were able to explore, learn and expand on their interests in a safe and fun environment. Featuring fitness programs, educational field trips and, of course, lots of friendship, this year's camp was another smashing success. Thanks to all of the volunteers and kids who made camp so special!