Greenwin has been researching virtual reality for the rental process for quite some time and now it is becoming, well, a reality.

Greenwin's Director of Corporate Communications, Jessica Green, recently spoke with the CBC about how VR is changing the game for leasing agents in Toronto.

"This technology basically pre-qualifies renters," Jessica said. "Sometimes they're in situations where they have to sign for a place before they even get to see it and this gives them a more accurate view."

This is particularly true in Toronto, which is a huge draw for international renters - and many of them don't have the option of physically being inside the suite before signing the lease. 

This VR technology is a totally immersive experience and all you need is an internet connection. And, as Jessica points out, "we've grown accustomed to having information instantly accessible at all times. Why not extend that to the rental process?"

Down the line, when goggles are commonplace, you'll be able to walk through the suite and connect to retailers to test out furniture in real-time. Greenwin is excited to be on the forefront of this game-changing technology.