With one week to go until Halloween, do you know what you're doing for the big night? Why not invite friends over to your place for some haunted house fun? Living in an apartment doesn't mean you can't do it - with a few creative options like the ones we have found below, you can make your place a spooktacular headquarters this Halloween.

Pick One Room - Focus all of your decorating energy on the area of your apartment that your guests will be spending most of their time. In most cases, this will be the largest room you have - the living room. You can also do a few decorations in the washroom and kitchen, other areas that your guests will be in.

The Basics - Your haunted house doesn't have to be complicated! Set the mood by grabbing the basics - use dark sheets over the windows or line the walls of your living room with garbage bags. On top of those garbage bags you can add spiders, spider webs and fake splattered blood. 

Skeletons and Ghosts - If you choose not to cover your windows, they make an ideal spot for full-size skeletons and ghosts - particularly if your apartment is on one of the lower floors.

Lights Off (and On) - To set the mood, you'll of course want to turn off your bright lights. Rather than using candles (which are a fire hazard, particularly in a party atmosphere where people are wearing long, flowing costumes), replace some of your bulbs with black lights or hang up some Halloween "icicle" lights that come in orange. Safety first: don't cover lamps with material to help diffuse the lighting.

Jack-O-Lanterns - Everyone wants to have a jack-o-lantern on Halloween night, but remember to NOT have them inside your apartment. Rather, put them on your balcony or patio and keep them away from where people could easily knock them over.

These are some of our favourite haunted house tips - what are yours?