Image via Furniture Home Design

Do you work from home? If the answer is yes, you know the importance of having a separate space that is just for your home office. Even if you only work from home occasionally, it's always a good idea to have a specific spot set aside for your work. Here's how you can transform a part of your apartment into a home office that will help you make the most of your time.

Maximize Space - Even if you live in a smaller studio apartment, you can find ways to fit in a spot for your home office. Get creative with it! Fit a desk under a loft bed, tuck a small desk into the corner of your living room space, use shelving to your advantage and more. 

Designate a Room for Office Use - If you have the luxury of a little bit more room, say, 2 bedrooms when you only use one, designate one of the bedrooms as an office. Go in there when you need to get work done so you can separate your work and home life.

Decor that Reflects You - Decorate your office area with items that are conducive to you getting work done. Photos and colours that inspire and calm you, fresh cut flowers...whatever you need to make the most of your time spent at the desk.

Light it Up - This is especially important if you need to tuck your home office in a corner - ensure you use plenty of light to not only keep everything easy-to-see, but to reduce the strain on your eyes when looking at your computer screen.

What sort of decor and colours would YOU use to make your home office a place that you are happy to spend your time?