While the convenience of living close to classes and close to the library can be appealing, the many benefits of living in an off-campus apartment outweigh that option. 

Get out of the university campus bubble and enjoy the flexibility of creating an ideal living experience for you without the constraints of campus regulations, fellow students, or parents/family. 

Whether students are looking for apartments near Laurier University, units for rent near the University of Waterloo, or any other Kitchener rentals, Greenwin has perfect options available for every renter. 

Benefits of a Private Space

Beyond the obvious freedoms of living in an off-campus apartment, moving into a private rental space has many other privileges as well. 

Personal Comfort

The comfort of your living space should be a top priority as you'll want a great sense of home in your new apartment. 

Look for one or multiple roommates to share your monthly costs and still enjoy the social community that on-campus living has. 

Bring home guests, have social gatherings, and provide a fun space to hang out with friends without the worry of someone supervising your place (contrary to living at home or having to 'sign a visitor in' at a college/university residence suite).

Greenwin apartments offer an opportunity for you to completely transform your home without worrying about someone monitoring your personal space and live independently. 

Unlike the alternatives to off-campus living, having your own apartment or sharing one with a roommate allows for privacy away from campus and a chance to make the place a true home. 

Pet-Friendly Apartments

As an additional bonus, off-campus housing options are more likely to be pet-friendly. Having a pet (and even living in a pet friendly place) instantly uplifts the mood in any environment. 

In Kitchener, pet friendly apartments are not commonly found, but luckily at Greenwin, all pets are welcome as well! 

Whether you already have a dog waiting to move in with or you've been thinking about adopting a new furry roommate, living in a pet-friendly apartment is a great advantage of living off campus.

Extra Space

One of the often overlooked benefits of off-campus living is the increase in space - whether you rent an apartment to yourself or share a flat with roommates - your bedroom and living area will be enjoyably larger than living on campus. 

Greenwin Units Feature:

●      Bigger bedrooms

●      Bigger living rooms

●      Beautifully renovated kitchens

●      Modern wooden flooring

Greenwin apartments let you stay in an environment more mature than living in a cramped dorm-style room on campus or small residence. Our available units have stainless steel kitchen appliances along with modern wooden flooring and large, glass patio doors that allow in a lot of bright, natural light.

Spacious bedrooms, private living environments, and newly furnished interiors, are just some of the top advantages to living in an off-campus apartment rental in Kitchener. Find comfortable and large 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom apartment suites at both 49 Vanier Dr. and 37 Vanier Dr. that are ready to move into at Greenwin.ca.