Our Vice President of IT, Brian Turpin, recently sat down with Yardi to talk all things tech transformation at Greenwin. Why? Because, as Brian says, "Information technology is the core of your business and every business."

Here's an excerpt from his chat with Lee Ann Stiff:

Turpin describes the way he looks at new technology as "digital transformation" and is always asking himself and his team, "what challenge does this product solve for us?" Usually, the answer to that question includes the ability to untether Greenwin's staff with the option to use mobile devices and leave their laptops behind.  Turpin further elaborated on this line of questioning, "How can we do what we're doing every day better, and where can technology take us? Are we at risk for falling behind, and do we need to automate more manual tasks and digitize our paper-based resources to create greater efficiencies?" For help with answering these questions and more, Turpin reaches out to Yardi. "Why not be the first to ask for something that maybe no one else is asking for yet? Yardi will endeavor to make it happen - and that close collaboration is the reason our relationship is so successful."

Among other large companies in the Canadian real estate industry, Greenwin sees itself as winning with its willingness to innovate. With executive buy in and transparency that shows where the company is excelling and where it can improve, Turpin is very happy that Greenwin has shifted its mindset to adopt tech solutions that promise to take the company forward.


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