This year, we're celebrating 40 years with Glory Singh, our Manager of Revenue & Administration. Glory, we thank you sincerely for your tireless dedication to Greenwin's growth and success. Cheers to you! In honour of the occasion, we sat down with Glory for a Q&A to discuss diversity in the workplace, corporate culture and how the Toronto Star brought her to us.

How did you learn about Greenwin? 40 years ago, there were no placement agencies. All jobs were advertised in newspapers. I found out about a position at Greenwin in the Toronto Star.

Why did you decide to apply for a position within the company? I did not drive at that time, so I was aiming for jobs that were not too far from my home. As it turned out, when I went in for the interview, the bus stop was right in front of the building. That was a huge bonus for me. My interviewer, Carol, was a beautiful person both inside and out. She was so kind and polite. I felt very comfortable with her. 

What was your first position? When I started at Greenwin, the structure was different. I was hired to manage the banking, making me responsible for balancing the deposits, sending them to the bank and then filing them. 

What were your subsequent positions? After six months with the company, I was transferred from Banking to Revenue Administration for the company's residential properties. After three years in this position, I was transferred to the Commercial Division, where I was the Revenue Administrator. I did this for at least six years and was ultimately put in charge of the Accounts Receivable Department. At the time, Leasing and Administration were ran separately from my department, which posed many challenges. I worked to have this structure changed, ultimately merging the two departments. The move was met with some challenges, but we were successful and the structure remains to this day! 

Did you ever think you would remain with the company for 40 years? When I first started working for Greenwin, I never once guessed that I would be here for 40 years. But time flew by so quickly. Thoughts of leaving never came to mind. I felt I belonged here. This is my family. I've always felt like a Green in my heart and have always stood loyal. It's that kind of loyalty that you find throughout the company that has led to its success. Leaving Greenwin would feel like leaving my home and my family. I have always felt loved and respected by this beautiful and philanthropic family. 

How has Greenwin changed over the years? Greenwin has gone through a metamorphosis from the time I started to where it is today. When I started at 111 Davisville Avenue, we wore jeans to work every day and hung out with the owners and their children like one big family. Sadly, the founders are no longer with us, but they left their legacy with their children, who have adopted the same approach of love and care.Years later, we moved to 20 Eglinton Avenue West. The dress code became more professional, but the love and care from the owners never changed. Greenwin grew to be more successful but never once did the owners act differently. That love and humility was transferred to their children. Over the years, our services, management and culture have grown and changed, but we have always remained the pioneer amongst our competitors.

Why is it important to facilitate diversity and inclusion in the workplace? Workplace diversity is a necessity. Specifically, in today's world, it's so important to foster the role of women in the workplace as thought leaders. I am very proud of how the culture and work environment has changed over the years at Greenwin to incorporate women in executive roles. Women have brought many positive attributes to Greenwin, helping to balance work/life roles, while adding empathy and emotional intelligence. Women are great communicators and team builders, who are incredibly sensitive to the needs of employees, clients and partnering organizations. I feel proud and lucky to have the leadership of men and women and I have learned and grown from both. 

What do you see for the future of the company? I see Greenwin as it has always been: a leader in the industry with immense knowledge that uses innovative, modern technology to maintain its position as an employer and organization of choice. I foresee immense growth thanks to new acquisitions, development projects and our growing Commercial Division. 

Any funny memories? When we were at 111 Davisville Avenue, we had storage on Level 2 of the parking garage. It was called The Dungeon. I would hear staff saying they were going to The Dungeon and would wait patiently for them to return. I thought it was some kind of punishment area. Being young and naive, I was embarrassed to inquire about what it was for fear of looking unwise. It took me about a year to build up the courage to ask. When my boss at the time, Percy Danziger, took me on a tour of the alleged "Dungeon", we all had a good laugh.

Any other tidbits to add? I feel honoured and privileged to say that I work for Greenwin when amongst industry people. I was at a function in London and when I got to the registration desk, everyone at the table looked up and had something nice to say about the company. I'm proud that, as a company, we're known for our industry knowledge. I recently made a call to the Landlord Tenant Board to confirm some information and on mentioning to the person with whom I was speaking that I was from Greenwin, she said, "Oh, you're from Greenwin. I better be sure about this because you know your stuff." This is a company that's full of the industry's best and we're surrounded by one of the most beautiful, philanthropic families. I am extremely grateful for their work and the love that has been shown to me over the years.