No garden? No problem! There are still plenty of plants you can grow in your apartment, regardless of how big or small it is. From beautiful flowers to tasty edibles, here are some of the plants you can grow successfully in your apartment. Time to start flexing that green thumb!


If you love avocados, then you will be happy to know that all you need to start your own avocado tree is another avocado. Instructions can be found here.


Add some flavour to your summer cooking - all that's needed is a small pot and a sunny space in your window. From basil to rosemary, thyme to mint, there is an herb for everyone.


Yes, you read that right - you CAN grow tomatoes in your apartment. Just make sure you keep them in a spot that gets about 12 hours of sunlight each day. Here's more info.


The versatile citrus is another surprising entry to this list, but it can be done. While lemons are a bit temperamental, if done right you can enjoy them year round. Detailed instructions here.


Carrots will thrive in a box that's about 8 inches deep, so they have plenty of room to grow. You will also need holes for drainage, so make sure you have a drip tray in place! More info.

What have you tried to grow in your apartment garden? Tell us what works best and what doesn't!