Greenwin Inc. and the Believe to Achieve Organization are very pleased to share that we will be making a BIG announcement on October 7. On this day, Spider Jones and Greenwin will detail a new partnership that will greatly benefit the youth who attend the Spider's Web Youth Empowerment Centre, located at Greenwin's Chalkfarm properties.

Greenwin and Spider Jones have a long history of helping to empower youth by strengthening our communities. This announcement will further that commitment by continuing to build a support network that will enableToronto-area youth to reach their potential. 

Along with the Spiders Web Youth Empowerment Centre, Greenwin provides additional community support through our Outreach and Revitalization Association which works to spearhead change within at-risk communities through interactive community involvement with the private-sector (landlord and property managers), residents, surrounding neighbourhoods and government. 

Stay tuned for more information about our announcement on October 7!