On November 17th Greenwin proudly sponsored the Make Your Future event, an ambitious new job symposium for students and youth from the ages 12 to 29 in the Jane and Finch community. 

Featuring a broad coalition of community partners including the Toronto police, private companies, unions, entrepreneurs, educators and public sector agencies, the event aimed to inspire young people to take advantage of the resources available to them to set themselves up for success. 

Along with hosting a booth to show students and youth what a career path in property management looks like, Team Greenwin was onsite to lend a helping hand throughout the event. 

"We want these young people to recognize they have gifts and talents that employers want, they don't have to be intimidated when they aim for success," said Kevin Green, President, Greenwin Inc.

Greenwin is proud to help committed youth explore their talents, gifts and potential for personal success and financial freedom. A big thank you to Lily Wong, who was instrumental in organizing the event and making Make Your Future a huge success!