Photo via RestFL

You don't have to spend a fortune on furniture - there are many good used pieces out there that can make your home even happier. To help you make the most of your furniture, we've come up with the top 5 questions you MUST ask when you're out on your hunt:

Is It Comfortable?

Sure, that couch might look beautiful and go with your colour scheme, but if it's lounging factor leaves much to be desired, you must move on. Unless, of course, you love it so deeply that you're willing to spend a little bit of extra pocket money to pump up the padding in the cushions.

Is It Fixable?

Do not shy away from a fixer-upper. Perhaps there are some scratch marks or the paint is peeling off - with a little weekend work, you can have yourself a lovely new coffee table that you saved tons of cash on.

Is It Smelly?

Unfortunately, there are some odours that will just never come out - cat urine being among them. Before you jump at a great deal, you simply must give it the sniff test. If your nose says no, move on.

Is It Sturdy?

If you're going to buy used furniture to save on price, why bother with spending your cash on something that is made of cheap particle board? You can find solid wood pieces at big savings, even if you need to give them a little love with your paint brush.

Is It Reasonable?

We've all been there - we've found something that we simply MUST have RIGHT NOW. But if you already scored a great deal on a couch, don't pick up another one. You'll be the one with the headache down the road when you realize you'll have to sell it on Kijiji yourself when you run out of room.