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Get the party started early. New Year's Eve is a tricky party in terms of timing, since the main event of the night is midnight. Starting the party around 9 p.m. will give you plenty of time to catch up with everyone, play games, eat and have fun before the clock strikes midnight and 2015 begins. After that, it's up to you and your guests how much longer you want the party to go on.

Background noise. Even if you don't plan on watching anything, keep the TV on throughout the night. There are plenty of New Year's Eve specials available, but don't forget to change the channel to the Times Square ball drop before midnight!

Create the best playlist ever. Spend some time to create an amazing playlist for your party. You can add the best songs of 2014, or anything you and your guests will enjoy. It's important to ring in the New Year with some good tunes.

Toast with champagne. Champagne is the traditional New Year's celebration drink. As a host, you should supply champagne for your guests, but leave the rest up to them! Let them know champagne will be available for everyone but if they want a specific drink, they can feel free to bring it themselves. Alcohol is one of the biggest expenses and you can save by having people bring their own for everyone to share.

Keep it close. The smaller the party, the quieter. Your neighbours will surely appreciate a smaller amount of noise. You also probably have limited space and it will feel too crowded and overwhelming with a large number of people. Besides, New Year's is meant for your closest friends and family members!

Let your neighbours know. Give your neighbours a head's up that you will be hosting a gathering. If they are home, they will be expecting to hear some noise. If they are not, no problem! It's nice to be considerate and they will appreciate it - and return the favour when they have a party.