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Be mindful of treats. The holidays are a wonderful time with delicious food and snacks, but it is best to keep the human food with the humans. Avoid giving your pet any turkey or poultry bones, as they can cause splinters, intestinal blockage and serious injuries. Anything with chocolate should not be given to pets either, as it contains a chemical that can be deadly to cats and dogs. Keep your pets on their regular diet this holiday season or look for special animal treats.

Keep away from plants. Holly, mistletoe, Christmas rose and ornamental pepper are just a few of the popular holiday plants that are poisonous to animals, especially birds. Mistletoe berries are poisonous, so any holiday plant berries should also be kept away from both children and pets.

Secure that tree! It is important to safely secure your Christmas tree, especially if you have pets and/or kids. Anchor the tree so that it cannot fall over and cause potential injury, as well as prevent the tree water from spilling (which can upset your pet's stomach). Another tip is to place ornaments above the point where your pet can reach. Try using string, rather than hooks, to decorate the tree. Tinsel should also be avoided if you have pets.

Get smart ornaments. Avoid ornaments with small pieces that can be a choking hazard to both children and pets. One tip is to buy non-breakable ornaments!

Hide all wires. You spent a lot of time on your beautiful decorations, so you wouldn't want anyone to ruin them or get hurt by tripping over a wire. Hide and secure all wires so that kids and pets can't accidentally get caught in them, trip over them, or knock anything over. To avoid possible electrocution, tape down wires to the floor or walls.

Keep candles out of reach. A wagging tail or game of tag can accidentally cause candles to be knocked over. Place candles out of reach to ensure safety. If you have a fireplace, make sure there is a screen for protection.


Happy Holidays!