There's only two weeks to go until Halloween, one of our favourite holidays. We know that many of our residents will be taking their kids out from some trick-or-treating fun on the big night or holding spooky parties in their apartments. Here, we've put together a few of our top tips for making sure your night is full of fun while being safe for all.

Cozy Costumes - If your child has not yet decided on their costume (or even if they have), here's a few important things to keep in mind:

- Opt for brighter colours or add reflective tape to a darker costume to ensure they can be easily seen by passing cars.

- Look for flame-resistant materials in the costumes you purchase from stores.

- Try make-up instead of a mask, which can often obstruct vision.

- It will probably be a cool night, so you'll want to make sure the costume can fit over a warm jacket.

Be Road-Wise - When kids are excited about trick-or-treating, they often forget all of the rules of the road that you have taught them. A good idea is to go down one side of a street at a time rather than darting across the road from house to house. And remember - a house without lights on outside generally indicates to not hit up that location (either they are not home or the candy is all gone!).

Supervision or Solo? - In general, kids under 12 should have an adult present while they are trick-or-treating. But if your child is older and will be out with their friends, make sure that both of you have a means to contact each other. 

The Deal with Driving - It's not just your kids you need to think about - while you are out driving, be extra vigilant for trick-or-treaters. As we mentioned earlier, kids will often get so excited that they won't think about checking twice before crossing the road. The most popular hours for trick-or-treaters are 5:30pm - 9:30pm, and with it now getting dark by 6pm you'll want to make sure you are giving kids and their families all the room they need.