Greenwin is very happy to announce that the revitalization project at the 250 Davenport property that we proudly manage has been given the all-clear by Toronto City Council. Below is the release on the project from Toronto Community Housing:

Toronto City Council approved the 250 Davenport revitalization project during its November meeting. The project includes selling a portion of 250 Davenport lands, along with redeveloping the site, on the condition that all proceeds from land sales and profits from condos sales be used to repair or replace aging housing stock in the portfolio.

With City Council's endorsement, Toronto Community Housing and its developer partners Diamond Corp and Metropia can proceed with the project, which includes the replacement of 11 townhouses and construction of a new condominium tower. Work on the $13.5-million refurbishment of the existing rental building is already well underway and is expected to be completed by spring 2017.

​​​​​​Toronto Community Housing is going beyond bricks and mortar to build clean, safe homes for our residents while creating vibrant communities where people can thrive.

By working together with the City of Toronto, our residents, our neighbours, and our private development partners, we are transforming aging housing infrastructure to build better homes, better neighbourhoods, and a better Toronto for all.

At 250 Davenport, Toronto Community Housing is using the proceeds from the sale of a portion of the land to revitalize the existing building with new windows and balcony doors, and improvements to the heating, cooling and building systems to increase quality of life for residents, while improving the existing open spaces around the building.​