It's sad to say, but long gone are the days of summer sun – the long winter months are here. Tis the season of closed windows, gray skies and for many of us, dark commutes to and from work. 

It's no wonder many of us wake up feeling a little less chipper than we do in sunnier seasons. With the chilly temperatures making it much less appealing to get out and enjoy the fresh air, odds are you'll be spending a lot more time hibernating at home. To turn your home into a winter oasis, check out these tips below.  

When it comes to décor, think about how it makes you feel.

Yes, your favourite interior design influencer may inspire you to keep up with the latest and greatest trends, but remember – design is subject. Sometimes, you just like something because you like it, period. This season, when the weather outside is frightful, surround yourself with the items you find delightful. This will go a lot further in making your home your own personal oasis than simply filling it with things that are "in style."

Embrace colour theory.

Research has shown that the colours around us can affect our mood. As the temperature outside drop, inject some warmth into your living space with bright, cheery colours, bold patterns and fun textures. Something as simple as adding a snazzy throw pillow could go a long way in brightening up your space. 

Let there be light! 

Winter months come with fewer hours of natural light and fewer sunny days overall. This can dampen our mood because our bodies need sunlight to produce vitamin D, a vitamin that has links to our overall wellbeing. To combat the winter blues, try exposing yourself to light in a way that would mimic the natural light patterns of warmer days; dimmer during the mornings and evenings and brighter during the day. 

Make sure to make the most of all the natural sunlight you get by strategically placing mirrors, leaving curtains open during daylight hours and keeping window spaces decluttered.

Add some greens.

When the nature outside it looking bleak, adding a natural touch indoors can work wonders for creating a more inviting space. Research even shows that green, leafy plants do have a relaxing effect on our moods. Not blessed with a green thumb? Don't worry, even fake greenery can take

Declutter and keep it clean.

The only thing worse than being stuck inside all winter long is being stuck inside a messy apartment! Try using your time inside to tackle the projects on your at-home to-do list, transforming your place into an organized urban oasis. 

The winter months also mean cold and flu season is here! Don't let viruses and bacteria come home from school or the office with you; disinfect shared surfaces often. Don't forget light switches, remotes, door handles, faucet handles and electronics.

Bring the gym home.

Odds are, you're not as active as you were in the summer months. Sleet, slush and snow can quickly derail even the best of intentions to hit the gym or head out for a cold-weather walk. 

But fear not, you don't need to let the winter blues keep your away from your post-workout endorphins! There are thousands of free wellness videos online - and with everything from cardio kickboxing to yoga and meditation at your fingertips, the time to bring your fitness routine home has never been better!