On Thursday January 30th, Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders joined Spider Jones, founder of the Believe to Achieve Organization, and Kevin Green, President of Greenwin Corp. at the Spider's Web Youth Empowerment Centre to recognize the invaluable contributions of the Believe to Achieve Organization to the Jane and Wilson community. 

The Believe to Achieve Organization, which operates the Youth Empowerment Centre, is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing various programs, including study groups, nutrition programs, computer access, mentoring and support for young people ages 8 to16 years in underserved neighbourhoods. Located at 160 Chalkfarm Drive, a building managed by Greenwin, the space is donated to the Believe to Achieve Organization for just $1 a year

The Youth Empowerment Centre serves approximately 50 children each year, but has over 500 on the waiting list. For more information about the Believe to Achieve organization or to make a donation, visit their website.