Moving an entire apartment can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be.  

Once you've gotten over the hurdle of choosing an apartment in Mississauga, Toronto or another vibrant community in Ontario, here are our tips on how to make your move easier, whether you're a first-time renter or a seasoned pro.

  • Sign the lease

Congratulations on finding your new place! Sign a lease to make it legal and to start a conversation with your new apartment management team about do's and don'ts in your new building.

  • Give notice at your current residence

Be courteous and give as much notice as possible at your current residence. This will also help reduce the chance of overlapping leases and renting two spaces at once.

  • Update your insurance and get multiple quotes if necessary

Whether you've had the same insurance for years or this is your first apartment, it's good to look at multiple insurance offerings for both coverage and price. Make sure that you have the appropriate insurance for your new rental. For example, If you're moving from the top floor to the basement, consider flooding insurance. The chances that you'll ever need the coverage are low, but the cost increase is likely pretty minimal for the coverage you'll be getting.

  • Set up utilities, internet and tv

Transfer or schedule set up for any utilities or services prior to your move-in day. 

  • Schedule Movers

Movers get booked fast! Schedule a moving company or van rental as far out as possible to avoid having to take days off work or moving on a less convenient day.

  • Notify your property manager about a place to park the moving truck

Consider that you may not be the only one moving on your scheduled move-in date and coordinate with your landlord or property manager to avoid not having a place to load-in and unload or getting locked out of the loading zone.

  • Buy Moving supplies

Boxes and Tupperware bins meant to withstand heavy items are worth it. Avoid reusing flimsy boxes from your local grocer and buy or source well-structured boxes, along with essential accompaniments like packing tape and bubble wrap.

  • Donate or sell unwanted or unused items

Maximize your space and give your legs a break on moving day by donating or selling unwanted items.  The earlier you list items for sale, the higher the chance that they will sell for a better price, giving you extra cash to decorate your new digs.

  • Update your mailing address

Update your mailing address for essential government documents, debit and credit cards, your employer, subscription services, and anyone else who may need to reach you or verify your address by mail.

  • Book a pet sitter

If your pet gets upset or overly excited by the door opening and closing, change, or strangers in the home, it's a good idea to call a friend or pet sitter to give your pet a safe place to stay while you move.  

  • Make a list of delicate items you don't want your movers moving for you and put them to the side

Place fragile items such as plants, antique china, or expensive electronics to the side to move them separately from your regular items.  

  • Disassemble furniture

Take apart anything you can to reduce the number of heavy loads you or your mover will need to carry.

  • Pack

Pack and wrap all of your belongings, leaving aside a box of essentials that you might need during the first week at your new place. For example, you might need quick access to clothing, toiletries, a phone charger, etc.

  • Stop grocery shopping

Avoid shopping for groceries close to your moving date to help reduce the number of perishables that need to be stored in the refrigerator. 

  • Thaw the fridge

If your fridge or freezer has built-up ice, thaw in advance to avoid wet and soggy boxes. 

If you follow our list and keep an open line of communication with your new and old apartment management, there should not be any hidden surprises on moving day. 

Our team at Greenwin loves welcoming new tenants and would be happy to have you join our community. We have rentals all over Ontario, including Mississauga, Etobicoke, Toronto, Kitchener, and many other accessible cities for every lifestyle.  Browse our apartments or schedule a viewing.