Image via Budgetwise Home

Get creative with the tree. Holiday trees can be expensive and they take up a great deal of space. You can try bargaining for your tree or get a miniature tree that is space-saving and much less costly! If you're feeling very festive, you can prop up a few miniature trees throughout your apartment.

Repurposing. A great way to save money is to repurpose things you have lying around your home. For example, baskets, bowls or vases can be filled with garland or ornaments.

Keep it simple. Simplicity is often what looks best. Create a simple yet festive centerpiece for your dining table and/or living room. Purchase a clear glass or plastic bowl and fill it with fruit, nuts or tree ornaments.

Words of wisdom. A nice holiday message or quote from a holiday tune will surely brighten up your home. Use stencils or large letters (which are often on sale at Michael's at this time of year) to spell out your favourite holiday word above the mantle, in the kitchen or all over the place.

Get creative. DIY projects are usually inexpensive, look great and are fun to make! Get a few styrofoam balls and wrap Christmas lights around them. Hang them from a curtain rod or ceiling for a magical twinkle effect.

Bring out the sweets. The holidays mean family, friends, joy, memories… and CANDY! Simply putting a holiday treat, such as candy canes, in a glass jar or bowl looks great and can fix your sweet craving at any time.

Make your own wreath. Wreaths are a festive staple, but can also be boring. Spice it up by creating a wreath out of gift-wrapping bows for a unique look. Using hot glue and about 20 minutes of your time, a bow wreath is a timesaving and inexpensive way to bring the holidays into your home.

Be one with nature. Collect pinecones outside, clean them, spray paint them, add some glitter, and voila! You have basket fillers and centerpieces galore.

Fruity tea lights. Nothing feels cozier than candles on a cold winter's eve. Put some cranberries out on a plate and place some tea lights in between.