Photo via PopSugar

As many an apartment dweller knows, you generally are not allowed to put holes into your walls. So what do you do when you want to hang up a painting or framed photograph? Team Greenwin has scoured the internet to find the best tips for decking your halls with beautiful decor WITHOUT risking the loss of your damage deposit. 

Adhesive Strips -  From velcro to "Silly Putty", there are a number of adhesive options for hanging photographs on your wall. Keep in mind that these can't support the weight of a heavy frame, so it's best to reserve these for photographs that are not framed.

Wire - If you can get away with putting small holes in the corners of your apartment walls, consider stringing wire from one end of the wall to the other. You can then hanging pictures directly off of the wires. This option is definitely unique and a conversation-starter!

Use Existing Hooks - Did the previous tenant in your apartment already put holes in the wall? Put those hooks to good use! While it may not be in the exact spot you want, it's a better alternative to creating a new hole.

Disposable Hooks - Brands like 3M make a variety of disposable hooks that can be stuck to the wall with ease.Test the wall first, in an inconspicuous place, to ensure that the disposable hook won't remove any paint.

Decor Alternatives - Instead of a framed photo, why not use the peel-and-stick wall decor options that can be found in many home outfitting stores? They add instant life to any room and can simply be peeled off when you move out - no muss, no fuss!