Image via GatorChef

Always keep an eye on the food. The most common cause of cooking fires, especially during the holiday season, is leaving food unattended. With a million things going on to plan the perfect meal, it is easy to get distracted from your cooking. Staying in the kitchen is your best bet to ensure this doesn't happen. If you absolutely must leave, turn off the heat or bring something with you to ensure you will remember to return quickly.

Keep it clean. Avoid having any sort of clutter on your stovetop. Keep it clear of oven mitts, dishtowels, paper towels, napkins or anything that can catch fire.

Dress to impress. Wearing tighter fitting clothes while you are cooking (or rolling up your sleeves) is better than wearing loose or hanging clothing that can easily come in contact with the heat and catch fire.

Keep track of time. Use a timer to check your food regularly in all stages of the cooking process. Using a timer will remind you to check on your dish whether it is baking, boiling or simmering.

Keep it tidy. It is inevitable to have spills when cooking a delicious meal, but clean it up right away! A dirty stove or oven can bring on a potential fire. This includes grease buildup, so it is a good idea to clean your stove after every use.

Keep the kids away. Kids can be great helpers during preparation, but when the meal is cooking put on a movie for them so they don't wander into the kitchen and potentially burn themselves or knock something over.

Keep your oils and greases to a reasonable heat. Overheating grease or cooking oils can cause them to overflow and ignite. Wait for grease to cool before throwing it out.