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To hire a cleaning service or not to hire a cleaning service - that is the question. Have you ever considered getting a maid to come in to clean your apartment once a week? Here, Team Greenwin looks at the pros and cons of handing your cleaning duties over to someone else.

You Have a Schedule - and So Do They - Let's face it: some weeks are just crazier than others. It's on weeks like these where you housecleaning chores can really take a backseat to everything else you have going on. But if you have hired a cleaning service, you can rely on them showing up at the same time every single week - so your apartment will always be spotless, even if your life isn't.

The Cost - Yes, it is convenient and, quite frankly, a RELIEF to have someone else cleaning your toilet. But nothing is free, and neither is a cleaning service. Budget how much you have each month to spend on a cleaning service to find out if it's feasible for you.

You're, Well, Particular - If you're like yours truly, you think everything has a place and that it should be in that place. When a maid comes into your apartment, those little rituals you have can be thrown off (unless you leave a detailed list of everything which, let's face it, you definitely don't want to do). If you are very particular about how you like things to be done, hiring a maid is probably not in your best interest.

Free Time? That's Yours - By hiring a cleaning service, you're essentially buying yourself extra time to do things you REALLY want to do (like not cleaning the oven).

Getting the Expert Touch - There are some things that even the seasoned veteran cleaners among us just don't know how to do, like removing that rust stain from your porcelain sink. When you hire a cleaning service, they are experts in these things - so your apartment will be cleaner than you ever thought possible.