Image via Master Gardener

Many apartment dwellers lament the fact that they cannot have a garden, but thanks to some of these apartment-appropriate plants and flowers, you can still give your green thumb some exercise. Team Greenwin has rounded up some of the best greenery for your space, whether you get lots of sunlight or not.

Spider Plants - A frightening name, but these plants are popular for apartments because they thrive in low-light conditions. They also self-propagate, making them easy to care for.

Bamboo Shoots - Bamboo is a simple, inexpensive and low-maintenance way to add a little colour to your apartment. Perfect for those who love the minimal look, simply stick your bamboo shoots into a vase full of water (and rocks for some extra interest).

Peace Lilly - This is one of the best plants for helping to improve indoor air quality. It also loves low-light areas and STILL produces flowers.

Rubber Plant - Another fantastic option for helping to clear the air in your apartment, this plant has an interesting burgundy colour to add a pop to your place.

Parlor Palm - A great option for those who have pets, as this indoor palm is non-toxic to animals. It grows slowly, but also requires little light.