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Spring has (almost) sprung, and with it comes the desire to throw open our windows and let the fresh air fill our apartments. After being cooped up for the long, dark winter, you may notice that the spring sunshine is highlighting some things in your apartment that you would prefer were not there - namely, DUST.

Dust accumulates quickly, particularly on areas that we often neglect. This includes baseboards, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans and the tops of bookshelves. It's time to bust out the dusters and cloths and get cracking on the spring cleaning. You'll feel better for it! Here's some spots you may not have thought to include on your spring cleaning list this year:

- move bed and vacuum underneath.
- move bed back and sprinkle mattress with baking soda (then vacuum off after a few minutes)
- air out mattress pad, if applicable
- clean out closet and donate anything you no longer wear

- wash inside and out of bathroom cabinets
- empty vanity and discard expired make-up, medication, etc. (properly and safely, of course!)

- clean inside of oven
- clean crumbs out of toaster
- clean stove top (paying close attention to drip trays)

Living Room
- vacuum couch and chairs
- tidy electronic wires
- sort through and save or recycle magazines
- dust electronics