From Romania, to Saskatoon, to Toronto, Greenwin’s newly appointed Senior Vice President, Operations, Adriana Keresztes shares her unique journey with RHBTV host, Kerry Chandler, as part of their Industry Spotlight.

Having moved from Romania to Canada in 1998, Adriana shares how she faced the unknown time and time again in pursuit of a better future for her and her family. Having an extensive background in education, Adriana learned that the qualifications in Romania were not transferable on paper to the Canadian educational system.

She searched for new opportunities and a chance meeting with our friend and colleague, Mark Kenney, President and CEO, CAPREIT, changed the trajectory of Adriana’s story when he offered her and her husband Building Representative positions in Toronto. It was with that opportunity, that she rented a truck, packed up her life with a one-year-old and her two parents to drive across the country to begin her new career in the rental housing industry.

From there, she learned the ins and outs of property management, from the ground up. With multiple re-locations and employment changes, for many years she was the only woman at the table. With her perseverance, strength, dedication, and resilience she navigated roles in nearly all aspects of the multifamily ecosystem, to find herself where she is today as Greenwin’s Senior Vice President, Operations.

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