#MyGreenwinLife is a series that highlights individual members of the Greenwin team by exploring their unique journeys, which have led them to become valued members of our company. Through the inspiring stories, memories and experiences of our people, we celebrate the connection and sense of community that is the backbone of our organization.

Today we would like to share the story of Eric Clarke, Manager of Facilities & Building Systems:

My journey at Greenwin started over a decade ago, after a colleague told me about Greenwin’s open company culture and amazing team, which would support my growth in the maintenance field. Following their advice, I applied and the rest is history – I joined the team as a Maintenance Manager and loved the new position.

10 months later, I was presented with the opportunity to become the Senior Property Manager for The Oaks, which includes 160, 170, 180 and 200 Chalkfarm Dr., and was a new addition to Greenwin’s portfolio at the time. With a focus on nurturing the positive qualities of the area, the plan at The Oaks was to implement revitalization initiatives and social programs for all ages to build a safer and stronger community.

Over the next few years, I hired a whole new crew and we all worked together to make The Oaks a safer, cleaner, and overall better place for our residents to call home. Identifying the need for immediate security measures and social programming, we fostered a net that brings together the best people from real estate investment, property development, property management, urban planning, peacemaking, crime prevention, and other social service agencies. As a team, we worked to revitalize the community both socially and culturally.

One of my proudest moments I’ve had in my career was when Leasing Agent, Malasia H. and I held a 100-meter race at The Oaks. We volunteered to race each other to provide some humorous entertainment in support of a good cause. We invited the entire company as well as contractors to come watch and asked for monetary donations or school supplies for the children in the building as an entry fee.

To our surprise, the event had a huge turnout, including Greenwin’s President and CEO, Kevin Green, who brought a large school supply donation. We ended up raising over $4,000 and received buckets of school supplies for the families in the building. The look on our residents’ faces when we showed up with the donations was something I’ll never forget!

To me, the reason that Greenwin is such a great place to work, is the people that form our amazing Head Office and Leadership Teams to the dedicated Site Teams. It’s the people at Greenwin that have led us to become leaders in the industry. Not to mention, our Greenwin Cares team, which has been an instrumental aspect to the revitalization of our communities.

I am so fortunate to have been mentored by leaders like our Associate Vice President of Operations, Murray O., who has been an incredible support to me over the years, and to work on a team of forward-thinking individuals like Jay C., Senior Property Manager, Helene T., General Manager, Samer T., and Property Manager, Shivannie G.

Being a part of a family-owned company adds a personal touch that you do not get elsewhere. Kevin, Cary, Eric, and all of the family members are heavily involved, and they show that they care not only about our business, but also the people that are a part of it. Their energy filters down through everyone, which is why there are so many long-term team members at Greenwin, such as myself.

As my colleague told me before joining Greenwin, it has been such an amazing place to learn and grow. I am so grateful to be a part of the team and stand alongside the amazing people that make up our organization. 

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