Over the course of the summer, Greenwin welcomed a group of bright and ambitious post-secondary students to the team. Tessa B., Ryan B., and Brenden M. each opened up about their time with us, sharing what they have learned along the way.

Tessa B., Summer Student, Leasing explained that a positive work environment has made an incredible impact on her experience over the summer. “Everyone that I had the opportunity to work with had a genuine passion and love for their job, which was very inspiring”. She continued by saying that Nikki G., Director, Leasing, was her biggest role model at Greenwin. “Nikki provided me with various learning opportunities. She included me in the weekly leasing and marketing meetings, where I was able to learn about the many projects taking place amongst the two teams.” Lastly, Tessa shared that her favourite project over the summer was working on the Greenwin TikTok account, which allowed her to learn the innerworkings of social media management.

Ryan B., Summer Student, Communications, told us that during his summer at Greenwin, he learned the importance of communication when working day-to-day with a team. He added that Dallas C., Research Coordinator and Jacqueline M., Research Coordinator, who he spent the most of his time working with, largely influenced his learning experience. “They taught me the importance of time-management”. Ryan’s favourite project was gathering market data with the research team. He says that this gave him interesting insights into conducting and analyzing data.

Brenden M., Summer Student, Human Resources & Payroll, says that this summer has been helpful for his time-management and organizational skills. For Brenden, Vaishali P., Manager, Human Resources, was instrumental in teaching him how proper organization increased his work efficiency and allowed him to meet deadlines. Brenden says that Mike A., Senior Vice President, Human Resources & Information Technology, was his biggest role model for his relentless work ethic, which has motivated him to be just as determined in his current studies and his future career. Lastly, Brenden said that working on payroll alongside Leida W., Payroll Specialist, was his favourite experience from this past summer. This experience has given him “a glimpse of how a company operates from a real-world, financial perspective.”

Thank you to our Summer Students for your valued contributions to #TeamGreenwin. We wish you the best of luck on all your future endeavours!