Greenwin is extremely proud to share that our Director, Greenwin Cares, Lily W. was presented with the prestigious King Charles III coronation pin this past weekend.

This honour, which was bestowed on Lily by The Honourable Michael Kerzner, Member of Provincial Parliament for York Centre Constituency, holds significant weight, symbolizing dedication, leadership, and extraordinary contributions to the community and province.

The King Charles III coronation pin is not just a piece of jewelry; it represents a lineage of excellence and is a mark of true distinction. To receive this pin is to be recognized at the highest levels for your tireless commitment and impactful work.

As the Director of Greenwin Cares, Lily is dedicated to building up our communities through ongoing mentorship initiatives, tutoring, mental health support, physical fitness and sports programming, food and nutrition education and other organized activities. Each day, Lily focuses on nurturing the positive, and deterring the negative, through the implementation of revitalization initiatives and social programs for all ages at our properties.

Lily’s leadership has set an exemplary standard, not only within our organization but also in the broader community and province.