Greenwin’s Senior Vice President, Operations, Adriana Keresztes, sat down with RHB Magazine to discuss the hard hitting question: Is it time to bring in a property manager?

She explains, “The key is profitability. If an asset is underperforming or if it’s not as profitable as expected, an owner should seek the professional services of a reputable property management company.” That partnership will allow for your communities to be taken care of with an added level of support and resources, which will ensure the best customer experience. 

“Together, both parties will find the recipe for success and what it’s going to take to bring that asset to the level of profitability that’s desired.”

In the article, Adriana explains the necessity of understanding the benefits that a strong property management company can offer. From allowing time and resources to be allocated elsewhere, to providing an added level of buying power, choosing a property management company that is right for you can have significant benefits.

She also outlines key things to consider when selecting a property manager and important questions to ask to ensure a compatible fit. From there, she tells us strategies for building and maintaining a strong relationship. Adriana explains, “If the property manager doesn’t understand the business plan, the delivery will be sub-standard.”

Greenwin, as one of Canada’s leading providers of rental apartments for all people, is here to offer our property management expertise and make the lives of owners that much easier. To inquire about a management partnership today, contact Jessica Green ( 

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