As we continue to confront the pandemic's impact, supporting the health and safety of the communities we are fortunate to serve is our top priority. We are delighted to announce that yesterday Greenwin Cares held another successful door-to-door vaccine clinic, this time for the residents of 2801 Jane St. #TeamVaccine stayed on-site until late in the evening, going door-to-door to administer every last dose of vaccines that were brought to the site.

The overwhelming success of this clinic was in no small part due to the collaboration between Greenwin, Starlight Investments (the owners of 2801 Jane St.), UHN, Black Creek Community Health Centre and GlobalMedic. It is a privilege to collaborate with our clients and community partners to bring our communities one step closer to safety.

Yet again, we see the power of a community coming together for the greater good.

Making the day all the more powerful and memorable, Dr. Samantha Nutt, Founder and ED of War Child Canada, was on-site to spearhead the clinic. It was an honour to be in the midst of one of Canada's most admirable physicians and philanthropists. We encourage you to read more about Dr. Nutt and War Child Canada here.

We look forward to collaborating with even more social service agencies, healthcare providers and private-sector partners again in the coming weeks to help bring more COVID-19 vaccines to the high-priority neighbourhoods where we operate.