"Why I love living in my Greenwin Apartment at 35 Front St.: Great location Really terrific views of the lake and city Excellent amenities, incl. fitness centre and pool Eager, willing, helpful superintendents Nice neighbourhood for shopping, dining and nightlife Wonderful stress free living, relax on my large balcony If things go wrong, they get fixed No complaints from me after ten years of living here  "

June at The Rivergate

"In what was one of the most stressful episodes of the last few years, Greenwin helped to ease the transition. I moved from out of province with 2 weeks to notice to relocate myself. Greenwin was extremely helpful in expediting the process to ensure that I had a home when I arrived & the superintendent was amazingly efficient at dealing with any problems that occurred in that first day. I have since lived in 2 different Greenwin locations - both of which had fabulous superintendent's. The buildings were clean, the super's were easy to deal with, and it was a pleasure living at both locations. The compassion that Greenwin shows towards it's tenants became evident to me this past year, when I became ill. I was off work for some time, and Greenwin worked with me to make some accomodations until I was able to get back on my feet. They were incredibly understanding, and for that, I am grateful. Should I move again, I would definitely live in another Greenwin buidling. I have also recommended them to friends. Being someone who has moved almost 22 times in almost 12 years, the fact that I have been in my current location for 2.5 years, and with Greenwin for 3.5 says something about them. Thank you. (Note: My current building is 60 Gloucester, but I have also lived at 95 Jameson). "

Lisa at
Krystal & Doug

"Why we love living at Bold Towers in Hamilton: We have been living here for nearly 3 years and it is a great spot! I recommend this place for anyone starting out for their first place or if they are new to town. For someone who does not drive, it is an excellent location. It is within a 15 min walk of Dundurn Plaza, for any shopping needs, it is within walking distance to Jackson Square, if people do not mind a bit of shopping, catching a flick, or even catching an event at Copps Colliseum. For those who love nature, I (Krystal) personally love taking the Chedoke Rail Trail. Along the way there are a few stairs to access the escarpment for those who desire a real cardio work out, or for those who love to just stroll and take the kids out, the rail trail will take you up past the golf course and to the Chedoke Hospital on the mountain. The building is located within a block from a public school and about a 15 min walk from a high school. It is also conveniently located within a 10 minute walk to the Go Station for those who love to travel by Go or need to utilize the Go for work, and also for Coach Canada/Greyhound for other travelling needs. The building itself is maintained well and the landlords are prompt in getting back to you in case of an emergency. The staff are very friendly and easily approachable. Memos are sent out regularly for monthly maintenance on the building. We would definitely recommend this building to anyone inquiring about a building in downtown Hamilton."

Krystal & Doug at Bold Towers

"Why I love living at my Greenwin property. That's an easy question to answer!: The building is small and so I am able to get to know my neighbours. And its not so busy with strange people coming and going. The building is in a perfect location. Its mostly a residential family neighbourhood, close to a ravine so I can experience a walk or run in nature and appreciate the change of seasons throughout the year. My super George and wife Carmen are extremely friendly and caring. They act quickly on repair requests and do an amazing job at keeping the building very clean. Carmen revived the back of the building by planting seedlings for green grass to grow. And her gardening skills spilled over into the front entrance where she created a pleasant garden. Nice to come home to. :) The rent is affordable in an area I love to live in. Many of my friends live within walking distance. Thank you! Offering a $ incentive for new tenant referrals is a good thing. When I referred my sister and she moved in, I gave her the referral fee as a house warming gift.  "

Marla at 300 & 330 Winnett Ave.

"My name is Cheryl Brooks and I live in the Scarborough Golf Club building with my boyfriend Chuck. We have lived in this apartment just short of a year. The second we stepped into this building, we knew this was the building for us. We had looked into many apartments in the area but none gave us that, 'We belong here!' feeling. This is very important for me since my family lives in a different part of Ontario. I need wherever I live to feel like home. When we walked into 550 Scarborough Golf Club Road, we knew this was the place for us. From meeting management and maintenance we got that, 'We belong here!' feeling. Everyone was so nice and so accommodating. Now that we have been here for a while there is not a day that goes by without one of the neighbours or faculty saying hello in the hallways or elevator. It is great to see that the staff and faculty take such pride in the building. This is evident by all the time and effort they put into taking care of both the building and the tenants. In fact many times the staff will ask me how everything is in my apartment when I see them around the building. Just last week Chuck had hurt his foot and was limping. One of the care takers noticed and asked him if everything was alright and if we needed anything. It is the small things like that, which make this feel like home. This is why I love living here."

Cheryl at 550 Scarborough Golf Club Rd.

"Why I love living at My Greenwin Property - 700 Kingston Road Toronto, Ontario I have lived in the Upper Beach area for the past 13 years, but recently sold my house to rent for awhile after going through some hardship. I chose the Greenwin Property of 700 Kingston Road in Toronto for a number of reasons. I was used to the area, I am close to all amenities but more importantly for the people. As soon as I came to my building for a viewing, I was greeted with a great big smile from some of the tenants and noticed how clean, updated and quiet the building was. I was accepted as a resident back in late June 2010 and have really enjoyed myself, especially having a balcony that overlooks Lake Ontario. Wow...what a view! Over the next couple of months, I noticed even more changes happening in our building. A new Superintendent came on board by the name of John Robins. Quite simply, he is one of the main reasons why I enjoy living here. He has taken control of all issues that were neglected in the past and has even offered up many of his own creative suggestions. He definitely makes me feel safe and secure, which is quite important to me. I will continue to love my dwelling in the Upper Beach and can honestly say I do have a few new friends...thanks to my Greenwin Property. "

Scott at 700 Kingston Rd.

"There is more than one reason why I love living here. First thing I can say is that this is a calm and secured area with really nice services and neighbours. I have made many friends. Also it's near every thing. Shopping centers, movies, restaurants, parks and much more. I don't even need do start my car and spend gas for shopping. I could continue writing for an hour! There is a lot to say. I love living here. I wish I moved years ago. Thanks a lot to Greenwin. Not only for giving us a chance to win a dinner and movie, but for all the hard work. "

Jamal at

"I'm Dave and I live at 1140 Kingston Road. I have lived here over 15 years, and have enjoyed each year. I love living here because of the responsiveness of the onsite supers, and the care that they take in the building (along with other tenants... as we all care for this building!!!) Ram and Susan are always there if you need them. The building is always well tended (front lawn, hedges, hallways, common areas, etc.) and everyone in this building feels lucky to be here. I am not the only "long timer" in this building... There are others that have been here longer than myself. It is because of this great building and the Greenwin people running it, that we all enjoy living here. "

David at 1140 Kingston Rd.
Bethany - Winner of our 2011

"The Winner of our 2011 "Why I Love Living Here" Contest!!! My name is Bethany and I live at 2255 Victoria Park Ave., in Scarborough Ont. I love my building! There are many reasons why I love my building and here they are… Great Superintendent!!! – I love Quasim; he has been there and helped me out so much. If I have any issues he has never said no and has always accommodated me anytime I ask. It is great to know that I have someone like this looking over where I live when I am away. His family is very welcoming and I could never ask for such a great person to be in charge. Thank You! Really Clean! – When I come home the stairs are always mopped and it smells awesome! The carpets are vacuumed on a weekly basis and there has never been an issue with any garbage lying around. If I see something on the floor I will go back 10 minutes later and it will be gone. I could never ask for such a great building within Toronto. Excellent Amount of Notice Given – In the past at my last residences I have had people barge into my place with no notice. I am very happy that Greenwin gives out notice days in advance! I feel much safer when I am at work or away knowing that the super is going in with the maintenance person and I can arrange to put my animals away and be able to have everything tidy. It is good knowing that there are people who care and are always willing to accommodate you if need be. Enjoy all the Tenants – Everyone in the building is very kind and always willing to lend a hand! I was bringing in a kitchen table last summer and someone who I had never spoken with before held the door for me and even helped me bring it up to my unit. I moved here from a small town in Niagara to Toronto – it was hard coming here as there are so many people and you never know who to trust. But from the moment I moved here it just felt like home. New Appliances – I love the fact that when I moved into the building I had a new stove and fridge, the floors were completely refinished, the tile was laid in the kitchen and bathroom and it was an amazing place to move into. The fact that I had new things made me so happy! I was already excited to come to a beautiful part in Toronto but to have new appliances as well it just added to the great ambiance of the building, Thank You again! Where would I be without Greenwin Inc.? – I moved from living in a basement apartment and I was very reluctant to move into a building, I am telling you that this was the best choice I have ever made! I appreciate everything that has been done for me and continues to be done for me. I would recommend this building to many – Anyone who has ever asked me where I live I am happy to tell them 2255 Victoria Park Ave! I have never said one bad thing about the building and I am always willing to tell my friends to move in. Noise level kept to a minimum – I am a very light sleeper and I wake up to anything, I have had the best night’s sleeps here! Being in a building you expect the noise level to be high but you cannot hear anything. The family beside me has a new baby and you would never think she cries until I heard her in the hallway as I passed by them. The other family to the left of me I have never heard a peep from. Usually you can hear people walking and things banging but I cannot hear anything. It is great!   It is enjoyable living here – I would never want to be anywhere else! Never moving out!!! – I am not moving out of the building until I decide to buy a house. I have just applied for a 2 bedroom as I would not want to even think about leaving here at this point in my life. I am so happy when I come home and I get to spend time with the ones I love in a place that I Love!!! Continuously adding to the improvements in the building – Greenwin is always making improvements to the building, there has been a new fire system put in, the garbage is always very clean, paint is always done if there is a chip, the lobby is always kept very clean, and the best thing that there is a very high sense of security with all of the cameras! Recently there were some new lights added by the parking lot with photocells. This makes it a lot easier to come home at night and be able to see where I am going. It is not a dark area everything Is always well kept and I want to thank you for taking care of all the residents. Greenwin Inc., keep up the good work! It has always been a pleasure to deal with the superintendent (great choice of people), and all my neighbours are amazing. I could never ask for a more comfortable, safe and happy home for me and my daughter to live in."

Bethany - Winner of our 2011 at 2255 Victoria Park Ave.

"I have been living at 700 Kingston Road property for a year and what I love about this property is the Super JOHN makes the whole difference. He is very personable, demanding to keep things in order but this is really appreciated by all tenants I am sure. He is knowledgeable and understand the urgency of the requests form tenants. Thank you Greenwin for having John with us! "

Elizabeth at 700 Kingston Rd.

"We are so happy to be living in an apartment complex that not only has a great property manager (Lorelei totally gets whatever's needed done, is accessible and CARES for her tenants), but has such nice, respectful and civilized fellow tenants! All public areas are constantly maintained and kept very clean! We also find it to be so nice and quiet. We can't hear anyone else around us in their other apartments. We came from a complex in January 2011 that was a nightmare to live in. No reliable landlord that was reachable, VERY poor security and 50% of the tenants were rowdy and unethical and did not care how obtrusive they were being... So, we definitely made the right choice to come here to this Greenwin owned and operated apartment complex, and totally feel at home! Which we really didn't feel from our previous place.... Thanks for doing a great job!"

Jeremy at Gramercy House

"I love living in my Greenwin property at 35 Front St. South, Mississauga, Ont. mainly because of the location. It's truly beautiful here in Port Credit all four seasons of the year. It's much cooler in the summer and much warmer in the winter due to the fact the building is situated at the corner of the Credit River and Lake Ontario. There's also little chance some other highrise building will be erected on either side of 35 Front St. South due to the river on one side, Saddington park on the other side and a municipally-owned parking lot just to the north. Walking is a great pastime living at this location because just about everything is nearby. There's no need to use your car to get groceries, visit the library, do banking, visit beauty spas and/or hairdressers and the liquor store is well within walking distance. The only thing missing is a hardware store since the one little one went out of business a few years ago. There are beautiful swans - as many as 30 seen at one time, along with many types of ducks, and the ever-present Canada geese. At this time of year one can observe many other types of birds skimming just above the lake, probably coming back from their winter vacation in the south. It has nice gardens, a lovely roof garden, beautiful swimming pool (which is never overcrowded) gym facilities, a decent party room and a racquetball court. The superintending staff are courteous and helpful and in general the population of the building are all fairly decent people with a lot of seniors living here."

Margaret at The Rivergate

"I love living at my Greenwin Property, because it is well-care for, quiet and friendly. The landlords are attentive and available when we need them - and the building is always in good shape. Not to mention, the price is great for the location! I've lived here for 4 years as a student and it has been a great experience for me. I'd recommend a Greenwin building to others!"


"We love living at Greenwin properties, because of its lovely and friendly people, best customer service and top location and properties. This is why we have lived with Greenwin for almost 10 years. Greenwin was my first home in Toronto and still is."

Ali at Donvalley Townhomes

"Why I love living at 59 Isabella: everyone always says hi in the elevator it's a dog-friendly apartment (I love being greeted in the elevator by friendly pups) we have celebrations on St. Patrick's Day we celebrated the retirement of our superintendent (much deserved as she was here for many years) we have random get-togethers to meet others in the building (such as a spring BBQ coming up) it's quiet and clean it's in the heart of downtown Toronto and within walking distance to anything you could ever need whenever something needs to be fixed or changed in the apartment, it's tended to as soon as possible the superintendent and handyman are great! "

Alison at Gramercy House

"This is what Greenwin stands for: Growing up in the community Respectful of everybody Environmentally friendly Engaging for peaceful living Nowhere else I'd rather be..... Whose with me? Irreplaceable people; family and friends! Nice, very nice......Indeed! "

Andrea at 300 & 330 Winnett Ave.

"I have loved living in my building since the very beginning when we moved in 2 years ago. Our first initials contact with Kelly, our rental agent, was amazing. Kelly took the time to get to know us and to help us assess our needs on which building to live in. The staff has been outstanding and courteous. Always taking time to help the tenants, no matter how big or how small the problem is. There is always a smile and a hello how are you, whenever you see them. The proximity of 1240 Donald, to shopping couldn’t be better. Within just a few steps are grocery, department, electronic, and dollar stores. There are always a number of restaurants. Looking for fast food? Tim Horton’s and McDonalds are among the stores. Feel like pizza? There is Boston pizza. Not to mention the few specialty restaurants. There is also a fantastic Canadian family restaurant, Rockin Johnny's. Across the street we have St Laurent Mall, which offers everything you could ever need. Even a movie theater. There are also pharmacies, dentists and doctors right across the street. 1240 Donald truly offers the freedom of not having to pay high gas prices, or bus fares. Everything is within walking distance. If you do want to venture downtown, there is bus stop right outside our building. Our 7 yr old grandson resides with us. There are schools nearby, and their school bus stop again is within footsteps. Living here makes life simple. Over the past couple of years my family and I have used the new gym at 1244. The party room, the library, and the park for children. There is also a great park across the street which in the winter there is 2 skating rinks for family enjoyment. The onsite laundry facilities is a fantastic convenience. I am lucky and its pretty much right outside my door. Greenwin gives back to their tenants with the BBQ in summer, and air castles for children. You also assisted in I love to skate program, which our grandson was chosen to be part of. Thank you for that. Overall, my families experience has been a very positive one. We plan on living in Greenwin apartments for a very long time. We are a small community in a big city. It’s nice to know we can walk just outside our doors and see a friendly smiling face. The transformation of the buildings and grounds are never ending. We moved here from the country, so our small community atmosphere has helped us feel at home that much more. For us moving into Greenwin was a decision that was easy to make and one that we have never regretted. Thank you Greenwin, for truly making this a home. "

Cathy at

"Appreciate the courteous obliging staff. Effectively repaired balcony door, entrance door lock, toilet to my complete satisfaction. The daily cleaning, vacumming & general upkeep. Response from head office to my enquiries. Enjoy the day & evening view of the greenbelt, lake/river, parks + Mississauga city lights @ SquareOne. Love the large balcony during the summer. Use effectively both the gym & swimming pool. Convenient laundry room in building. Walking distance to library, LCBO, grocery stores, entertainment district."

Dave at The Rivergate

"Location and spacious unit is what I love about living at my Greenwin property at 1225 York Mills Rd. in Toronto!"

Fernando at Donvalley Townhomes

"I would like to say, living here as been a wonderful experience for me and my family for the past eight years. We feel very safe and secure living here and this mean’s a lot to us. Our super and her team are fantastic they made sure our homes are maintained to perfection each and every day and we are very appreciative of that. This is a great place to grow and raise a family in my opinion. I would also like to say thanks, to Greenwin for the excellent work they are doing for families who lives in one of their buildings. Thank you, for showing us that you care by giving back to the community and for the summer BBQ’s that you has provided us with for the past three years, at 1130Wilson Ave. We are very happy to be a part of the Greenwin family. "

Ivy at

"Reasons why I love my apartment at 10 Ionview in Toronto: Superintendents have always been extremely polite Superintendent assists when help is asked Apartment halls and lobby are kept very clean Laundry facilities are clean and always available for use Parking area is cleaned regularly Winter time snow removal is done immediately by Superintendant Fire alarm and smoke alarm detectors are checked as per code (not all buildings bother with this) For the most part, this building is a quiet environment and I like it this way "

Linda at 10 Ionview Rd.

" I live at 35 Front St. S., Mississauga, ON L5H 2C6. To give you an idea of my lifestyle, I am a retired high school English teacher who hails from Nova Scotia; I moved to Port Credit in August, 2009. While visiting my daughter in the summer of 2008, I selected this apartment building, The Rivergate, as a very good place for me to live following retirement from teaching in Nova Scotia in June, 2009. In walking past the building, I noted down the address and the contact information. When I did get in touch with Agnes, the rental administrator, via e-mail several months prior to moving to Ontario, she took my request to rent an apartment at the Rivergate seriously. She called me in the spring of 2009 to inform me that there would be a lake view one-bedroom coming available for August 1, 2009. The rest is history, so to speak. Having resided here for nearly two years, I would like to explain precisely why I am so very happy to live here for many, many reasons. First of all, working my way from the outside in, I am proud of my huge balcony which offers a splendid view of the moody Lake Ontario, especially in the warmer months when I invite friends over for a meal and a glass of beer or wine. We often stand with our forearms resting on the top of the balcony ledge, just admiring the view of the magnificent trees swaying in the breeze, the Credit River as it connects with the mouth of the huge Lake Ontario, and all the bustle of people walking near the famous landmark restaurant, Snug Harbour. You could say that the balcony becomes my summer social paradise. My apartment itself is very quiet, which is a rare find as far as I am concerned at this point in time. The fact that it is quiet here and that it has fresh air constantly blowing off the lake, I feel more fortunate than most global high rise apartment dwellers. Although I have only a one bedroom apartment, it is spacious enough for me and my two felines, Ollie and Oscar, two Himalayan cats who also love the balcony when I allow them to go out there with me. A fabulous feature of this particular apartment which makes me want to continue to live here is that when I do have to call the office for minor problems such as a dripping tap, I feel confident that it will be repaired in a timely fashion. The superintendents here work hard to maintain a clean and orderly building which all residents can feel proud of. For instance, the halls are vacuumed daily and the laundry room is also scoured on a regular basis. Recently, the laundry room and hallways were freshly painted, giving the place a nice face lift, so to speak. The underground parking is also a bonus for those of us who deplore scraping ice off the car on winter mornings at 7:30 am. When the weather heated up last May, I did not hesitate to purchase a small air conditioner; and renting from Greenwin, Inc., I can relax in using the a/c for a few hours daily in terms of the hydro bill because it is included in the monthly rent. How convenient is that! In the summer heat, I do not have to suffer with profuse sweating and tossing and turning in bed at night. Then there is also the swimming pool and the gym right here in the building for those who wish to keep cool and fit - there's no wonder why many tenants who move out end up moving back here! Last, though certainly not least, the excellent location of the Rivergate, nestled in the heart of the cosy Port Credit village, close to all the amenities, makes it a home I love to return to time and again, especially after I have been driving on the Gardiner and the 401 and downtown. I have to conclude that I believe I have found my idyllic retirement retreat here at 35 Front St. South, Mississauga, Ontario. "

Lori at The Rivergate

"There is SO much to choose from but I think the best part about this Greenwin apartment rental is how the staff treat us. When I'm in the building and I see one of the staff they always say hi to me. The area is so amazing, and I love B1 because there are so many activities there: the community room where we can learn English and there are teachers to help are kids with homework in homework club. Or in the summer when you do free BBQs and the movies. You can WALK to St. Laurent mall and other shops because they are all near us. And there are swimming pools! AMAZING. All I’m saying is that this Greenwin property is amazing and I NEVER want to leave! "

Saide at

"I love living at my Greenwin apartment because of: The people! What a great staff - Kelly, Edlyn etc. - everyone is so friendly and helpful! The loaction is so ideal! Grocery stores, malls, highway and transit nearby The extras - gym, sauna, basketball courts etc! So convenient to have everything right here. They go above and beyond - organizing homework club, basketball or hockey teams, skating lessons, free dentist check-ups etc etc etc. Unheard of anywhere else! The size of my balcony! Awesome! It's pet friendly It has the St. Laurent recreation centre nearby After hours security and its good relationship with the Ottawa police Indoor parking The newly extended office hours!!! Family friendly, yet still quiet Laundry is card operated We can vote in our building, don't have to go anyhere else Unique floor plan of the apartments Storage locker in the apartment! So great!! The amound of closet space and kitchen cabinets is perfect It's muticultural It's a safe place to live "

Stefanie at

"My wife and I moved into a junior one bedroom at 200 Balliol St.  Immediately after moving into the building it became quite evident how they truly cared about maintaining excellent standards in the building.  They always responded to all questions and concerns in a timely and friendly manner.  If there was ever a problem we could count on them to make sure that things were taken care of. We appreciated the standard of service in the building so much that we recommended 200 Balliol to all our friends.  One set of friends moved into 200 Balliol and stayed for a year before buying a house.  Another set of our friends moved in just a couple of months after us and are moving out this week, again, only because they have chosen to buy a house. Almost two years ago we decided that we needed more space and so we chose to move to a two bedroom apartment.  We didn't even think of looking elsewhere as the obviouse decision was just to get a larger unit in the same building. Recently, we too have decided to buy a house, and for that reason, we left 200 Balliol at the end of March.  We were happy to be moving to our own house but sad to leave the place that had been such a good home for almost five years. There are lots of rental buildings out there.  Not so many are as well looked after as 200 Balliol.  And even fewer have superintendents that truly make a renter feel like their apartment is a home.  We would not hesitate to continue to recommending 200 Balliol to our friends. "

Robyn at 200 Balliol St.

" I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Sandi and Ken for the awesome job on the roof top deck, it's beautiful. Thank you Sandi for my storm door, no more un invited guests coming in my appartment. Thank you Sandi and the gentlemen at Tack Plumbing for my new kitchen faucet, It's beautiful and my kitchen was left nice and clean. Thank you again, Sandi.   "

Magnolia at Gramercy House

"I am writing this letter in regards to Peggy, Building Representative of 821 Kennedy Road. This is my first time renting on my own and I must honestly say she has made the experience wonderful. She is without a doubt very reliable, dependable, and makes herself available when needed. I can talk to her very easily due to her awesome personality and her friendly pleasant demeanour. As things needed to be done in the unit, Peggy gave me notice and kept me informed of all completed work and updates on other items that still needed to be worked on. I am very happy with my choice in picking this building to live in and I think I will be a tenant here for years to come. Peggy rocks and she is a lovely lady to work and communicate with. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and enjoy the rest of your summer. - JM"

Joelle at

"I am very impressed with Building Managers Jonathan and Candice’s ability to multi task and provide excellent Customer Service to each tenant. I have been at home for almost a year on disability and have interacted with them more frequently and I must say that I am so impressed with their helpful demeanor. Phone calls are promptly returned and solutions are always offered in the event of an inconvenience with construction. One incident which stayed in my was a few weeks ago when my fridge broke and I panicked since I am homebound most of the time. Thanks to their persistence, the service guy showed up at 7.00pm and although it was after their shift, Jonathan still came up and stayed until it was fixed. I have lived in this building for 22 years and I would like to sincerely thank them for keeping the floors and even the garbage shoot really clean. It’s a pleasure to have visitors who are constantly commenting about the new enhancement of this place I call ‘home’. The overall appearance is definitely due to all the construction but the maintenance and upkeep is their doing. Keeping the building clean is their number one priority and as a tenant, I really do appreciate that. Please convey my sincere thanks to both of them. Sincerely, Sally, 739 Birchmount"

Sally at
Doug & Barb

"Our superintendents, Larry and Linda, have made such a difference to this property. Our building does not look the same as it did before because of them. They are so pleasant to talk to and they try to help us with any problems we have and are so quick to fix things. I just hope that you realize what wonderful people you have working for you and representing your company. They are a very hard working couple. Thank you for having two great people as superintendents. They are the best. Sincerely, Doug and Barb, 183 Lisgar Ave.   "

Doug & Barb at
Suzanne B.

"Recently I called 200 Balliol inquiring about a rental. I had been looking for a new place for several months as the building I am in now is under a tremendous amount of construction. I met with Alicia Stewart, and I must say she has been a breath of fresh air! She was very professional and knowledgeable regarding all aspects of the units. I will be giving up some amenities when I move, but thanks to Alicia, Greenwin appears to be worth it. If all leasing advisors were as committed (and I have spoken to many in my search) as Ms. Stewart, I may not have found her. Their loss is certainly Greenwin's gain.   Best Regards, M. Suzanne B. "

Suzanne B. at 200 Balliol St.
Julie L.

"I have resided at 7 Elizabeth St. for 11 months and would like to express my sincere gratitude to Ada, our building landlord. Ada goes above and beyond her duties with a professional and heartfelt attitude. The common areas are always spotless; maintenance and work orders are always dealt with immediately and thoroughly and complaints are handled in a caring and just fashion. The year has been full of renovations causing noise and inconvenience; whereas, Ada has succeeded in upholding all her duties plus with a positive and attentive attitude. Thank you Ada, for making our residence a home! Sincerely, Julie L., 7 Elizabeth St. "

Julie L. at 7 Elizabeth St. North
Sessha S.

"Hello, I live at 607-611 Heritage Drive and I would like to say I am very fond of Linda. She is always helpful when you have a problem and she goes the extra mile for you. She has a very pleasant and caring demeanor. Sessha S., 607-611 Heritage Dr.   "

Sessha S. at
Faris A.

"What I love about my Greenwin home is the beautiful location. I live in a quiet and beautiful area with all pleasant neighbours. The building is old but clean, quiet and free of bugs and insects all because of our building manager who takes good care of the building. Faris A.. 607-611 Heritage Dr. "

Faris A. at
Michelle M.

"Hello!  I have been a tenant at 1200 Kingston Rd. for years. I would like to take this opportunity to express my satisfaction with Adam, our Superintendent. He is always pleasant, helpful and gets things done in a timely manner. It is always nice to bring a friend to the building for the first time because they always comment on how clean and fresh it is - thanks to Adams' hard work! It is difficult to obtain and keep dedicated hardworking employees, so we are fortunate at 1200 Kingston Rd. to have Adam. Best regards, Michelle M., 1200 Kingston Rd. "

Michelle M. at 1150 & 1200 Kingston Rd.
Sean M.

"Hello , My name is Sean Mangin, a tenant at 1200 Kingston Rd. I would just like to give you some positive feedback and let you know what a great job the superintendent, Adam does. I never see the man not working! He is always doing something to improve the environment. He is friendly and always there to help. Thanks, Sean M., 1200 Kingston Rd. "

Sean M. at 1150 & 1200 Kingston Rd.
Don B.

"Good Morning,   Usually people only tend to contact companies when they have a complaint or concern. Compliments might be made directly to an individual deserving of praise but management might never learn about such praise. This is the case with respect to my superintendent Adam Sutherland who oversees my building at 1150 Kingston Road in addition to 1200 Kingston Road in Scarborough, Ontario. Adam has the near impossible task of keeping all tenants happy in two buildings. When Metcap owned and operated these properties there was one superintendent for each of these buildings. After the buildings were sold and operated by other management companies including Greenwin, Adam was given the responsibility of serving the tenants of both buildings. Despite the overwhelming workload Adam sees to tenant issues immediately (and I do mean immediately). I want to thank Greenwin for having Adam Sutherland as my superintendent.    Thank you, Don B.. 1150 Kingston Rd. "

Don B. at
Janet G.

"The best thing about Greenwin is our superintendent, Marion.  Our building is always clean as Marion seems to be working from morning to night.  Our work orders are done promptly and well. Another thing I like about Greenwin is our star outside the building.  I thought it was odd when I saw the electricians digging up the lawn to feed the wires but now, I love it.  We often joke about finding 3 cardboard Wise Men for the Christmas season.  Good work, Greenwin. Janet G., 22 Tinder Cres "

Janet G. at
Angela N.

"I live at 2788 Keele St., and what I LOVE about living in this building is the coziness, the plants in the lobby, and the garden outside. The superintendent also does a superb job at maintaining it. Angela N., 2788 Keele St. "

Angela N. at 2788 Keele St.
Jeremiah C.

"Hello! I have lived in the Greenwin Property at 100 Lower Ossington Ave. for about a year now. It has been a very pleasant and safe experience. The rent is incredible for this building's location and neighborhood, the staff are friendly and know each of us personally and the building provides a quality home for people who may not otherwise be able to obtain decent accommodation. Everything has been easy and hassle free. Thanks, Jeremiah C.. 100 Lower Ossington Ave. "

Jeremiah C.
Natasha W.

"To whom it may concern, My Name is Natasha and I am currently residing at one of two buildings at 297-301 Baseline Rd. These two buildings have had a bad reputation for many years as I learned after moving in. Since GREENWIN has taken it over I have noticed many positive changes, such as regular fire safety and pest control visits, quick response to maintenance repairs, professional staff, clean buildings as well as a strong effort to rent to responsible mature tenants.  I thank-you for your efforts and would be happy to sign another lease. I see GREENWIN as a rental company that is (Creating better community living today, for a brighter future tomorrow)  Thank you, Natasha W., 297-301 Baseline Rd. "

Natasha W. at
David Q.

"Hello, I'm just emailing to mention that I think one of the maintenance employees at 300 Regina St N, Waterloo, is doing an excellent job.  I don't know his last name, only that his first name is Chris, but since he has started working here, he has been super friendly and very reliable.  I am repeatedly impressed by the work he has put in for fixing things around my apartment and the building in general, and how he is quick to respond to emergencies at almost any hour. Cheers, David Q.. 300 Regina St. "

David Q. at
Adel S.

"Hello, I hope this email will finds you well. Here are a few things that I like about Greenwin: 1-      Good maintenance 2-      Cleaning 3-      Security 4-      Good cleaning around the building 5-      Good response for any request 6-      Integrated service inside the building 7-       Good place for guests  Best Regards,  Adel S.. 45  Dunfield Ave. "

Adel S. at
Shady F.

"Hi, I live in 200 Balliol Street and I wanted to credit the building's management team. They are doing a good job fixing things quickly. In fact, the whole team has improved their performance significantly over the year. Thank you, Shady F., 200 Balliol St. "

Shady F. at 200 Balliol St.
Rose S.

"Hello, Why I like living at Greenwin It has been one year since my family and I moved to111 Valley Woods Rd., yet it seems as if we have been living there forever.  My first impression of the building’s design was not that impressive, but the unit had the most beautiful hardwood floors, was very spacious and clean. The agents that showed the unit was so professional, caring, understanding of our needs and possessed the most beautiful personality which won us over.  After viewing the property, I realized that the space is convenient, very spacious.  Also, the property seemed safe especially for our children. Another reason we like living at Greenwin is because of our hard working maintenance team.  They never get tired of you when you call for something to be fixed.  They would come right away and take care of the problem.  The site staff here are all very friendly and courteous.  They are simply the best! I attended a BBQ last summer for the residents and it was terrific. It was like hanging out with your family. The children all had a great time, with a clown to entertain them, while the adults ate and mingled with each other.  It was truly a warm feeling.  The location is also great, it is close to the TTC, malls, schools and grocery stores.  I never regretted moving to Greenwin. We are like a family here. Rose S., 111-113 Valley Woods Rd. "

Rose S. at Donvalley Townhomes
Ashik & Fredah

"Fredah and I have never lived in an apartment before. Guyana, where we came from, has only houses and barrack-style buildings, because of the nature of the coastal soil. Most people live on the coast.   Fredah was looking around and saw 121 Parkway Forest Drive nearing completion. I came to see it. We thought it was a condo building, but learnt that it was an apartment. The rent at the time seemed reasonable and the building had central air-conditioning. We have been here 7 years now and love the way the building is maintained like a condo. It is clean, the elevators are clean and there are no rodents, roaches or bed bugs. Whenever I am dropped off by friends, they are impressed with the building, its trees and garden. The staff here are very friendly and helpful and the tenants are reasonably good.   Ashik & Fredah M. "

Ashik & Fredah at 121 Parkway Forest Dr.
Donna & Doug

"Hello, I just wanted to pass along our thanks for the great team at 45 Dunfield. Craig and Marco have always done a fantastic job making sure this is a great building to live in. Doreen is always a friendly face in the office who makes sure things run smoothly day to day. Lindsay, Lindsay and Anna do a wonderful job at the front desk and help to add to the feeling of community that enhances the living experience. I would like to thank both Scott and Eugene for the great job they have done with the renovation plans for our apartment. They have both offered a great deal of assistance and made this process as enjoyable as possible. Great customer service is often in short supply today so we wanted to acknowledge the great work of the entire team. Thank you, Donna W. & Doug G. "

Donna & Doug at
Keith L.

"To Whom it May Concern, I would like to take a moment to congratulate one of your employees by the name of Uma. She is very courteous and helpful and makes a person's day with her personality. She always goes out of her way to make people feel comfortable and does everything to make sure that when you walk away you are satisfied. In short form, there are not to many people like her today. You are lucky to have a very knowledgeable and experienced person on board. I look forward to seeing her professional smile every day. She surly makes my day.   Sincerely, Keith L. "

Keith L. at
Anson J.

"To Whom it May Concern; I am writing to you today to express my gratitude towards James Duffett  (superintendent 3017 Queen St East, Toronto).  There have been countless times that he has gone above and beyond what I can only imagine is expected of him, to help my wife and I. Tonight, at 6pm Friday night, I noticed water on my bedroom floor and heard an obvious water leak from inside the wall.  I called him immediately and asked him what to do.  He was at my door within 5 minutes, had the water turned off to the building and found the leak within 10 minutes.  He changed the valve and had the building's water turned back on in 20 min. It is finally now that I write in the hopes that he is recognized and valued for not only his skills, but also for how much he truly cares about this property. I have been an owner/operator of restaurants for the past 17 years and have myself encountered such problems, almost on a daily basis.  I know how valuable it is to have a person like James around, not only to ensure smooth running of my business but most importantly for peace of mind in cases where I am not able to deal with the problem myself.  To have a person who treats a business as if it were their own, to show the care and concern that he does everyday, I feel should be acknowledged and recognized by everyone who profits from the business in any way, shape or form. As previously mentioned, this is FAR from the first time he has helped, only the first time I have taken the time to write, and I regret this. Sincerely, Anson. "

Anson J. at 3000, 3015, 3017 Queen St. East
Nicholas D.

"I first met Alicia when she showed me several available apartments at 200 Balliol.  I was impressed that she wanted to not only show me the apartments available, but also other units which had been renovated to give me a proper impression of what my unit would look like when I took it over.  This is something she could have described to me.  However, she went the "extra mile" to show me what the renovations would look like...She was extremely helpful in arranging all of the documentation which I was required to provide.  When I had clarification questions the next day, she was very responsive and prompt in her reply. To keep a long story short; this was the smoothest and more pleasant application for an apartment I have ever experienced. Finally, when arranging the logistics of my move-in, Alicia called me on a Saturday afternoon to answer questions I had left for her the previous day.  This impressed me greatly.  Rarely do I encounter management offices which operate on the weekends. Sincerely, Nicholas D. "

Nicholas D. at 200 Balliol St.
Jacqueline S.

"Good afternoon! I have just recently moved into your 80 Cosburn location, and I just wanted to drop a line saying how impressed I am with this building, and the superintendent, Rose. The building and grounds are always spotless. I had friends over for a housewarming, and they were blown away at how clean everything is. Rose never stops. She is always around if something needs doing and she knows everyone by name.  It is a welcome change coming from my last apartment! I clearly made the right choice! Have a great day!! All the best, Jacqueline S. "

Jacqueline S. at 80 Cosburn Ave.
Elena R.

"I just want to say some great words about Patsy Ward. She is a very responsible worker in this company and has done so much since I have been living in this apartment. She has so much care for the residents, and takes great care of the property .We are so lucky have Patsy working for us! Regards, Elena R. "

Elena R. at
David P.

"To whom this may concern, I'm not in the habit of writing to voice my opinion on any subject, whether my opinion is complimentary or to complain about an issue. I've been spurred into action on this occasion after a conversation I had with a friend recently. My friend was making the point that most people he dealt with were always very eager to complain about a situation but were not so eager when a compliment was in order. I have lived at "The Rivergate" for almost 20 years and as you can imagine, I have seen several on-site staff come and go over that time. The majority of these people have been pleasant, hardworking people. Occasionally, we are fortunate to come across people who are truly outstanding. For approximately the last couple of years we have been lucky at "The Rivergate" to have two of these outstanding people. I only know them as Antonio & Lida, assisstant superintendents. On a couple of occasions I've had Antonio in my apartment to install a new stove, repair my toilet etc. He has always done a good job while being courteous and respectful. Lida has the same attributes whether I'm in the office paying my rent or if I'm just passing her in the hallways as she busies herself vacuuming, mopping etc. etc.  Whichever one of them I see I can always count on a big smile and a pleasant "Hello"!! I'm sure there must be days when they don't feel like being so nice but they always are. I've spoken to a few other tenants who all seem to have the same opinion as myself. There, now I can tell my friend that I'm not the type of person who doesn't give a compliment when one is deserved. Yours sincerely, David P. "

David P. at The Rivergate
Derian M.

"Hello Greenwin, I just wanted to contact you in regards to the Landlord at 169 S.t George St. I just wanted to let you know that James is doing a great job! Since he started working here I have noticed how he has tried to change the culture of the building, and because of it, I think people here are a lot happier. He is very knowledgeable, timely and friendly when it comes to resolving issues that arise. In my humble opinion, James is a very good landlord from what I can see, and I think he should be commended for a job well done! Best regards, Derian M. "

Derian M. at
Soyeon K.

"Hello, I am a tenant living in 169 St.George St. I have been a tenant in this building for 4 years now. Within 4 years, I met 3 superintendents. Today, I would like to comment on our current superintendent, James C. From my personal experience with superintendents in this building (and other friends that live in apartment buildings), getting things repaired is very tedious and difficult. When I was suffering from a very noisy neighbor, he had a solution, and made it happen and when I told him that my kitchen sink was cloaked, within 2 days the sink was repaired. Given that I informed him on Friday, and it was repaired on Monday afternoon, it was almost immediate! I thought these immediate repairs were impossible in apartment buildings! These are few personal examples, but I see that our elevator is finally being renovated, we have drinks filled every day in the lobby, and even the problematic washer machine is being replaced. I appreciate his hard work in our building and I wanted to share his good work with you. Thank you., Soyeon K. "

Soyeon K. at
Cheryl A.

"Hello, I'm writing to let you know what a fantastic building manager I have at 169 St George St. I came to view an apartment in a bit of a panic (my old apartment had flooded and I was under a tight timeline to find a new and suitable place). James Craig was friendly, personable, and realized that I wanted to expedite the process as much as possible. He was the first building manager I'd seen (at lots of viewings!) who I just immediately trusted. My gut feeling about him hasn't been wrong. James goes out of his way to be helpful - showing me a trick with the washing machines, opening the door when my hands are full, always having a belly rub or a treat for my dog. When the tub backed up a few days after I moved in, James had a plumber here in no time - and told me not to worry about my dog being in the apartment when I wasn't there (I couldn't leave work). Our elevator has been out of commission at 169 for a few weeks now for upgrades and James has stayed positive about it. He's hosted a bbq, put cold drinks in the lobby and has done his best to keep spirits high. I think James is an outstanding building manager - well done. Cheryl A. "

Cheryl A. at
Evgueni P.

"Hello, I would like to point out that I have been a tenant at 169 St. George Street for over 3 months now and I love it! The building is well maintained, the building manager (James) is a very friendly guy who quickly helps out with any concerns or tasks at hand. The garden in front of the building is really looked after and the apartments are in good condition. I would definitely recommend anyone to live at this particular building! Thank you! Evgueni P. "

Evgueni P. at

"Hi, I live at 169 St. George St. and just wanted to drop a line saying how pleased I am with the work James, the superintendent is doing. He's prompt and friendly in attending to maintenance issues, and since he joined there seem to have been more community events in the building that bring the residents together. It's a pleasure having him here. Thanks, Dave "

Dave at
Sarah M.

"Dear Greenwin Administration, I would just like to take the time to thank Greenwin and my superintendent, Sandi, for making my stay at the Gramercy House a very pleasant one. I have lived in Toronto for my entire life, have rented from various properties and dealt with management of all sorts. With that, I have to say that my experience with Sandi and the rest of the Greenwin community has been the best to date. The tenants here are lucky to have such a caring, genuine, and hardworking superintendent on-site and I hope that does not go unrecognized. I will definitely continue to keep Greenwin, the Gramercy House, and Sandi in mind if and when I come across somebody looking for a well-managed and well-kept apartment building to call home. Thank you again for everything. Sincerely, Sarah M. "

Sarah M. at Gramercy House
Peter A.

"Good day, My lease is up for renewal, and I intend to stop by the office this Friday to renew  it. I have been very happy in my place this year. My experience has been positive from day one, and your staff, from Alicia to Sharlene, from Rick to Andrew, have been always helpful and supportive. This has been one of the best living experiences ever. I look forward to coming to the office Friday to renew the lease. Hope to see you then. Regards, Peter A. "

Peter A. at 200 Balliol St.
Stefanie B.

"Thanks again to the wonderful staff at Wellington Place. All of you went above and beyond to accommodate my needs, concerns and requests. All the best, Stefanie B. "

Stefanie B. at 125 Wellington St. North
Eva J.

"Hello, I am very impressed with her seemingly shy but charming  personality, a very caring and hardworking young lady. Her diligence shown when completing tasks around the building gives a sense of belonging to me as a tenant. She is very aware of her surroundings and her respect shown to others is contagious. I hope that Kayla stays around as a Building Representative for a very long time. Our Site Administrator/Leasing Agent is someone rare! Her happy countenance and joyous laughter creates the atmosphere of love within the hearts of anyone and everyone. To have a dull day with this lovely lady is almost impossible! Something very notable is that she never seems too busy to listen to the cares and concerns of residents. She is very active and involved in the general welfare of all. I know that her roles are not the easiest, but her approach makes all of the difference. Well mannered, clear communication and continued zeal make her stand out. She has a far way to go. Sincerely, Eva J. "

Eva J. at 15 & 245 Lena Cres.
Sophia P.

"Hello, By way of introduction, my name is Sophia and I am one of your tenants at 80 Cosburn Avenue. I wanted to reach out and let you know how much I appreciate having Rosie as the Superintendent for our building.  Rosie is always available to help and goes out of her way for the tenants. I have seen her take the recycling out for our older tenants, assist with moving large items into and out of the building, and even feed pets while the owners are out of town. Rosie collects my packages while I am at work, charms my nieces and nephews with jokes and treats when they visit our building, and is always just a text or phone call away when I need assistance.                I am sure I am not the first to tell you all about all the great things Rosie does for 80 Cosburn and I am sure I won't be the last; however, I did want to reach out and tell you how truly exceptional Rosie has been over the last few years. All the best,                                                                                    Sophia P. "

Sophia P. at 80 Cosburn Ave.
Donna M.

"Hello, I have been a resident of this building for nearly 26 years and it has always been kept up so well. The staff here are always very pleasant and friendly. The building is always clean and very quiet. Thank you for your continued efforts in making this a comfortable and safe home. Sincerely, Donna M.   "

Donna M. at 555 Russell Hill Rd.
Jennie K.

"Hello Ashly, Thank you very much for your help - I have been searching for a little while and you're one of the only companies that actually made the effort to contact me regarding my inquiry and I feel that says a lot about Greenwin. I sincerely appreciate it. Thank you very much again. I will keep Greenwin in mind! Kind Regards, Jennie   "

Jennie K. at 189 Cedarvale Ave.
Lorinda S.

"Good day, I just wanted to write a quick note about a young couple that run our building. My husband and I have lived at 1566 Trossacks Ave in London, going on 8 years. (We have seen a few employees that were just awful.) Ashley works in the office and Kyle does the maintenance. Ashley always greets me with a smile, is ready with an answer to all my questions and never makes me feel like I am a bother. Kyle, again always smiling in passing, seems to be quite busy all the time. Any time he comes to my apartment he is friendly, helpful and fast. If there is something that he can't do, he will explain why and when it can be done. My wish for this little community is to have 2 or 3 Kyles. There hasn't been an employee here (since we moved in) that works harder. I believe he may be over worked some days.  Thank you for listening. Lorinda S. "

Lorinda S. at

"Hello, I am emailing because I would like to provide feedback on my property manager - Jaclyn. I live in 1570 Bathurst, and I have received phenomenal customer service. Jaclyn is organized, always provides a prompt response and is a pleasure to work with. Maintenance to my unit is always addressed quickly, and she has always followed up on any concerns that I have had.  Cheers, Caitlin "

Caitlin at 1554, 1560, 1570 & 1574 Bathurst St.

"I stayed at 59 Isabella for two wonderful years and I would highly recommend this building. It is right in the heart of downtown Toronto and close to everything and the building and the area is very quiet. The residents are also very friendly and meet up at social events. I would especially like to praise the superintendent Sandi. This is the first place I lived in Canada and I had no credit history. Sandi put in a lot of effort to ensure that I got the apartment smoothly and quickly. She is always eager to talk and help out with any maintenance issue quickly and made my stay in Toronto very cheerful. I have to move to a different city so I have to leave 59 Isabella but I will always miss it. Thanks! "

Shikhar at Gramercy House
Jamie O.

"Since the day we first came to look at an apartment here in this building, she has been a dream to work with. She has gone out of her way to make sure our moving in was as smooth as possible and since then has always been just a phone call away if ever she is needed. I have lived in the building for over a year now and have noticed that Rita really has a spectacular relationship with her tenants and she obviously takes her role very seriously. I believe she deserves some recognition for her hard work and making sure that her tenants feel like family "

Jamie O. at 75 Windermere Ave.
Jessica W.

"I just wanted to let (the) management of this building know how continually impressed and happy we (my husband and I) are with the team that runs and work in this building, from Lody and her husband, to Anh, Sarah, and Tracey. They are all incredible and get things done right away when they need to be done and they really care! We are beyond happy with them and know most of them on a personal level, they all go out of their way to show us we are important as tenants and a priority. "

Jessica W. at 125 Wellington St. North
Jacquelyn Q.

"I have just moved in to my new apartment and have to say that I have been so impressed with Jaclyn. From the first day of viewing, all the way through to moving in, she has been responsive, attentive, patient, and above all, friendly. I have moved a few times in my six years here in Toronto, and my experience with Jaclyn, and by association Greenwin, has been without a doubt my best moving experience in this city to date. "

Jacquelyn Q. at 1554, 1560, 1570 & 1574 Bathurst St.
John A.

"Hello, I just wish to take this opportunity to commend the professionalism shown by both Charlene L. and Helene T. who have been handling my requests with the utmost care and professionalism. I am tremendously pleased to be a tenant at Valley Woods and part of my satisfaction is due to the exemplary customer care shown by them both. John A. "

John A. at The Towns on the Ravine
Scott P

"I am a 53-year old experienced apartment renter who moved to Scenic Place two weeks ago. Before, during and post-move to this building, I have been dealing with your representatives Karen and Glen. I feel compelled to write this message today because, as a customer, I am entirely delighted. I am not an easy person to please. As a professional quality manager for the manufacturing sector, I understand customer quality very well and have high expectations. These two representatives have gone out of their way to exceed my expectations. From my initial inquiries to my current situation, I have felt valued and appreciated, and I have been treated with courtesy (which is far from common). I would be willing to expand on particular events if you need such evidence, but for now, I would appreciate you recognizing their hard work, patience, and clear dedication to going the 'extra mile' to make people like me feel welcome. "

Scott P at

"Hello, I am a tenant at 59 Isabella and I just wanted to give some feedback on our supers Nikki and Brandon. Since they have been at the building (and we've lived here for many great years) we have noticed a great attitude, work ethic and attention to detail. They are always great to deal with and have an open door demeanor! Thanks! Trevor "

Trevor at Gramercy House